Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Why don't we get more Bejamins for homeland security?

Alan (first)
*I will do everything I can
*$15 or $50 million -- to people in Washington, it's chump change anyway
*Horror stories of misappropriations for HS $ -- bought TVs for prisoners
*We must make sure $$ goes to ports
*When people drink that Kool-Aid, we lose
*We may have senority in the Senate, but we're not seeing results
*Joe missed important votes on homeland security funding
*We get less per capita than any New England state
*Alan -- that is not chump change
*2 weeks in Iraq could pay for port security
*I've been fighting for funding
*Bush admin not providing enough overall funding for HS
*I helped set up the Department of HS
*I worked with the Republicans to increase our funding
*Will do everything I can, hopefully as committee chair

*Not chump change? You've spent that much of your own money on this campaign!
*Need to finish the job in Afghanistan
*$250 million/day in Iraq
*Imagine what we could do with that money applied to HS
*Need to work with our allies
*Ned spent so much time blaming instead of what he would do for CT
*I just passed a bill on firefighting [missed the name] with full bipartisan support, and that's why I am so proud to have teh support from firefighters for my campaign

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