Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lieberman is lying in latest negative ad

For the entire campaign, Ned Lamont has only discussed the issues.

Such as Joe Lieberman's pro-Bush voting record...that is, when he even could be bothered to vote. Things like the War in Iraq, the Alito cloture vote, the terminally-faulted "No Child Left Behind" act, the Terri Schiavo case, etc. etc. etc., whatever Bush wants, etc.

So it's not all that surprising that Lieberman has resorted to outright lying when attacking his Democratically-chosen opponent. Disappointing, yes. But surprising...sadly, no.

It appears that Joe Lieberman will say anything to stay in the Senate.

In his latest litany of lies, Joe claims that while running a successful business, Ned Lamont (apparently viciously and without any good reason other than because he's a meanie) had laid off 68% of the workers at Lamont Digital Systems, the company that Ned started from scratch to create high-tech jobs here in Connecticut.

And Joe claims that his source for this figure was none other then The New York Times, that hallowed repository of journalistic integrity.

The only problem is...the NYTimes never stated that Lamont laid off 68% of his workers!

Joe made that up! The Times actually reported that "the number of employees [at Lamont Digital Systems] dropped to about 40 today from a high of about 125" - but it never said that drop was due to layoffs.

Why? Because they weren't due primarily to layoffs - not even close!

After 9/11, when many businesses were struggling, Lamont's company was forced to sell some of its residential systems to other companies. While the total employment at Lamont Digital Systems declined, many of the jobs were simply moved to other companies, not eliminated.

But we don't expect Joe to dig for the truth about such claims.

It's the same reason why Joe never looked into Bush's claims that there were WMDs in Iraq.

Because Joe Lieberman will say anything to stay in the Senate!

And Joe's claim that Ned was paid "$546,000… That's the salary Ned Lamont paid himself after laying them off," is a complete and utter lie.

The fact is, company records show Ned Lamont's average salary since the time in question after 9/11 was $188,000 - roughly the same salary as a (three-term) U.S. Senator, and far below the average salary of a CEO. [Source: Lamont Digital Systems salary records]

So Joe Lieberman - please stop saying anything to keep your job.

In the business world, with which Ned is very familiar, you can't simply LIE to keep your need to perform.

"I'm Joe Lieberman, and I approved these lies!"



Tsk. How awful for Ned. said...


From the president of the Waterbury branch of the NAACP and former state president of the NAACP...

For Immediate Release

Jimmie L. Griffin, a long time outspoken civil rights leader today expressed disappointment in the very partisan attack by black democratic leaders in Connecticut against Senator Joe Lieberman's civil rights activities.

Griffin said, "I have a lot of respect for Hank Parker but I will not stand by and let the community of Connecticut be misled by this uncalled for partisan attack against a friend of the civil rights community." Griffin who is an unaffiliated voter who has been both a democrat and republican added, "I am tired of our people being used a political pawns when a tight race reflects a need for their votes".

Griffin said as a president of a local branch of the NAACP and former state president I have not endorsed any candidate but I am fully aware of the civil rights record of Joe Lieberman and would be remiss in not sharing his excellent ratings, given in the NAACP report cards produced out of our Washington, DC office.

CT Bob said...

I think if you had read some of the other threads here, you'd see that Ned hasn't said that Joe never did any civil rights work.

Henry Parker has already admitted in the Hartford Courant he had made a mistake.

This is a non-story. Let it go.

Why aren't you asking questions about how many American soldiers continue to die EVERY SINGLE DAY because of Joe's insistance that Iraq is a right and just war?

Have all you Lieberman supporters lost track of what's important?

When will you Lieberman supporters take the time to explain WHY American lives aren't important to you?

And explain why Halliburton execs are cleaning up and laughing at you while your children will have to pay the tab on this 1/3 of a TRILLION DOLLAR war that Bush is mortgaging their future for?

Why are you all so fucking dumb?

If just ONE OF YOU ANONYMOUS COWARDS would explain exactly how we're supposed to PAY FOR THIS STUPID WAR, I might start taking you seriously.

Until then, you're just Joe's dupes.

Keep talking dumb. You only encourage me to try harder.

CT Bob said...

BTW, you anonymous coward - don't worry about reposting Joe's lame blog entries here. I'll get them up over at Joe's 2006 Blog soon enough.

And unlike your pathetic hero Joe Lieberman, I'll allow comments there.

If only Joe Lieberman had enough faith in the Constitution that our great nation was built upon.

harriet said...

Bob, I'm so happy you brought up the question of asking these jerks how they're going to pay for this dman war because no one seems to be concerned, and next to having soldiers die over a lie, it's probably the MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION OF ALL!!!!!

Love the "Joe 2006 blog" -- and the comment section is a definite plus!!!

GO METS!!!!!!!!!!

CT Bob said...

Yeah, for all their partisan Ned-bashing bullshit, not ONE of those Liebercowards will tell me just how we're supposed to PAY for this stupid, wasteful, destructive WAR of Joe's and George's. I'm starting to think that they believe a magical fairy will burst out of George Bush's ass and somehow miracle all these problems away!

And Mets are looking good so far! I'm watching it as I blog.

CT Bob said...

Woo-hoo! Mets win Game One!

CaptCT said...

Why can't Ned just come out and say Joe Lieberman is a liar? Thanks to you, CTBob, we have proof. And if Joe wants to debate that fact -- that Joe is a LIAR -- well, THAT would be a pleasure.

CT Bob said...

We're here, and we're calling Joe the liar. This way, Ned can concentrate on the issues.

Believe me, Joe hears about this. Our blogs are driving the man crazy. I'd almost feel sorry for Joe, except that I can't forget that he's responsible for thousands of senseless deaths of Americans in Iraq, and several hundred billion dollars of our tax money going to Dick Cheney and friends.

It's hard to feel anything but contempt for a person who gave his soul away in exchange for power.