Monday, October 23, 2006

Joe volunteers ask "Where's MY piece of the pie?"

$387,000 to pay "volunteers".

Yeah, THAT makes sense!

I wonder how many of those "volunteers" are feeling like complete dupes this morning, because they missed out on Joe's gravy train? It's obvious that the money DIDN'T go to the loyal Lieber-troops who were out there in the trenches, knocking themselves out for Joe. Working for the guy that they misguidedly thought was honest and respectable.

No, the money went elsewhere.

That's gotta hurt. Not only was their hero caught in a scandal that will likely lose him the election, but they didn't get a tasty piece of that big ol' pie that Joe was handing out. They were passed over and left out in the cold.

A lot of Lieberman workers must be giving their boss a cold hard reappraisal this morning.

A third of a million dollars worth of reappraisals.

Watch the debate tonight. 8:00PM on WTNH-TV Channel 8 (also streamed here live at WTNH.COM). Also, WTIC NewsTalk 1080 and will carry the audio portion live.

Something tells me there's going to be fireworks.


Bergs said...

PLEASE, contact

Tell him an investigation must be done Immediately on Joe's report with almost $400,000 listed as Petty Cash. We cannot have a criminal re-elected to office if there is fraud here.

CT Bob said...

Bergs, I'm fairly sure the investigation is underway. George Jepsen and Tom Swan are holding a press conference on the north steps of the Capitol this morning at 11AM to discuss the issue.

Tune into the news at noon to see details. This is just the tip of the iceberg that's gonna sink the Liebtanic!

Bergs said...

I know b.a, but if the Commissioner's office is Flooded with public outrage, he will have to do this Quickly. I am just afraid that this will not be completed by 11-7th ! And that gullible, naive CT voter will still pull a handle for Joe!

CT Bob said...

fair enough, good point.

ratney said...

Could the money have been used for "vote buying" and not for the "volunteers"? That would have been even worse... Could this be what the Lamont campaign needs to counter the damage done by joe's "layoff" ad?

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Where's Joe's buddy John McCain? Doesn't he despise this kind of trickery? Guess it doesn't apply to other Repugs.

Gabe said...

Hey - I love both you guys, but if this affects the election, it will be because of public perception, not because of an FEC investigation. The FEC is notoriously slow; any investigation will take one or two election cycles to complete. It will be nice for the Lieberman campaign to get smaked with a huge fine, but it won't happen until 2008.

CT Bob said...

gabe, yeah I agree. Public perception will make a difference on Nov. 7th, and if the FEC simply announces that it will investigate these financial shenanigans, it will hurt Joe's base.

Nobody likes corruption, and this thing stinks of corruption!

John Blossom said...

I don't know, we need SOME sort of traction but this seems like a dead-end issue. Everyone knows that Holy Joe was paying out-of-state Republican operatives to work for him in the primary.

CT Bob said...

Or...he was paying local operatives to buy votes. I'm just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

Oversight is the difference between what we think we know and the actual facts. Insisting on oversight so things are fair and square in an election is fair game.

Earth to Sundog: open the books and get the information on the table. Why the stalling and verbal mirrors to deflect the sunshine off your campaign books?

Five most dangerous words in the English language: Maybe This Will Go Away.

The people will not be amused by a senator who refuses to be held accountable, who may have broken the law, and who may have mismanaged hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. So you best hurry up and get your facts out there.

Or is that just going to make matters worse?

Scuse me for being bitter and divisive, but I thought lack of accountability was being part of the problem. I thought arrogance and acting above the rule of law was a major issue.

Defition of a sociopath is someone who breaks the law and thinks he's the victim.

and by the way -- Where do I line up to contribute more money? Just spend it however you like.

Seriously - in the end,

members of Congress are required to avoid not only impropriety, but also the appearance of it, in order to uphold public respect for the institution of Congress. I don't know if campaign impropriety falls under Congressional ethics rules or not.

Good record keeping shows you respect your donors' money and you have a strong desire to show you're honest and operate with integrity and competency.

Which is why I am sure the Lamont campaign knows where every dime of their campaign money went, and had only $500 petty cash.

gchaucer2 said...

FEC is an agency under the white house so good luck with any timely announcement. It is just good that there has been a public announcement of filing a complaint. Wish I had the time, the names of the folks who collected signatures are at the Sec. of State's office and are a public record. Would be good to get a copy and see whos who on that list -- and how many.