Sunday, May 25, 2008

Babar wins Libertarian nod for President

In a surprising development, the Libertarian National Convention in Denver named former Georgia Rep. Babar as their chosen candidate for president.

Babar, a longtime Republican congressman, is best known for playing a prominent role in the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton.

On the sixth ballot at the convention, Babar won the nomination over research scientist Mary Ruwart. After going out on the fifth ballot, fellow candidate Wayne Allyn Root urged his supporters to back Babar and made his case to be Babar's vice presidential running mate.

"We're not in this race to make a point, though a very important point will be made," Babar said, "and the point is, I'll work for peanuts."

PETA has announced that they have no objection to Babar's candidacy, as long as he is treated well and given all the peanuts he wants.

CORRECTION: Apparently the candidate's name is Bob Barr, not Babar. The editors of this blog apologize any inconvenience that may have occurred, especially to pachyderms everywhere.

(and I'll do my very best in the future to not talk nonsense to noted attorney Bob Loblaw.)


Bob Symmes said...

Let's just hope that Barr will turn out to be the Republicans' Nader...and that the Democrats make sure they have no counterpart (Are you listening, HRC?)

Anonymous said...

Ya think Old St. John will send his Rotlieber to attack Babar and run him off?
The NYT sure had some serious stuff to say about Holy Joe in the Sunday editorial. Nice to know the MSM has noticed.