Saturday, May 24, 2008

Olbermann on Clinton's RFK remark

This is the one where I thought I was actually going to see Keith physically explode. I hope his blood pressure is under control.

And a few things to know about Hillary's claims. First, Bobby Kennedy did wrap up the nomination in June with his California win, but in 1968 the primaries started much later, so it was only three months in when he won it. Today that would be the equivalent of winning in April. And in 1992, Bill Clinton effectively gained the nomination after winning the New York primary in early April.

So Hillary should drop the "June" claim as if it's carved into stone like a Mayan calender, and face the reality that by staying in the race at this point will only harm Obama's chances.

The truth is, an assassin has already taken a lot of shots at Obama.

We all know her name.

(h/t to CT Blogger for the video)


Sellitman (Kevin) said...

Keith sure has a way with words. Probably his best Special Comment ever. She needs to go home.

CT Bob said...

She reminds me of Hubert Humphrey. I'll probably do an article about the similarities between the two sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

Well said and on the money. My note being this: Too much, babe. It's time to go. Can someone please call Mrs. Clinton a cab? She has had a few too many.

And take her keys to the "car" before she leaves too.

She is now a self inflicted heap of damaged goods.

Anonymous said...

This article describes you guys very accurately.

And the full interview is here.

CT Bob said...

The argument that sexism is the primary reason people don't like Hillary is ridiculous. Following that logic, every Hillary supporter is a racist because they don't embrace Obama, and every Democrat discriminates against senior citizens if they don't vote for McCain.

Hillary is very good at playing the victim whenever she hears a comment she doesn't like, but I don't think I remember ANY Democratic candidate ever who pandered and spewed divisive rhetoric with the unabashed glee I've heard from her.

Believing that Clinton is the only candidate who has suffered from petty, personal, and ugly criticisms, is being deliberately obtuse.

If you need non-sexist reasons why people haven't been overwhelming in their support of Clinton, you can start by reading the second comment after the article you quoted.

Bob Symmes said...

There is a legitimate argument to be made that she made the reference while over-tired from the constant demands of the campaign.

BUT, since Hillary made this argument possible, I'll raise the spectre of a REALLY TRULY SCARY AD:

Hillary, If you think the campaign has been grueling, think about the demands of the Oval Office. Is THIS what we should expect when the phone is answered at 3 AM?

Bob Symmes said...

You really gotta admire those who have the courage of their convictions only when they have anonimity.

Of course, I hope Bush will have the same courage of his convictions....because I'm hoping for lots of convictions.

vagabondblogger said...

Anonymous: As a woman, supporting Obama, I have lost all my respect for Ferraro and Gloria Steinem, among others, due to their vitriolic comments and excuses that Hillary is a victim of sexism. I never cared for Hillary, and through time have lost what little respect I had for her (read a few bios and you will understand why); I never felt that she had any convictions; She always seemed to do or cast votes as to what she thought was politically best for her career, not on any principles. I am the general age of her main support group, and as a woman I believe I can think and vote for myself, and who I believe in. I do not subscribe to the mantra that just because she is a woman, and so am I, I should support her. Everyone is worried about Obama. He has the highest security detail of any candidate, for a reason. She crossed the line. Her surrogates have been saying that something could happen to change her prospects, and while most of us thought they meant another Wright controversy, she actually let slip what they were truly thinking.

At this point in time, I do not trust her. As David Gergen said awhile back, Obama better hire an official "food taster" if he makes Hillary VP.

If she steals the nomination, I will stay home. My son has vowed to vote Republican; My daughter has vowed to vote for Nader, and my husband won't vote for her, but hasn't said what he will do. That's 4 votes down the drain - two women in that total.

BTW, there are many other women in politics I would vote for for president, but Hillary is not one of them.

Anonymous said...

ill bite. i dont think her comment was that bad because her point was that she shouldnt drop out.

CT Bob said...

That's fine if she doesn't want to drop out. It's certainly her right to do whatever she wants. But to invoke the memory of one of the most awful tragedies of the late 20th century as a reason is tactless at best.

And for someone with Mrs. Clinton's supposed political acumen, she fell flat on her face with that comment. If she made the remark because of fatigue, as her campaign has alleged, then what is she gonna do when she gets that call at 3AM?