Wednesday, May 07, 2008

WTF is wrong with Bill Clinton's face?

Last night I watched Hillary's victory/concession speech (yeah, I know she didn't concede) and couldn't stop looking at Bill's reddish/orange face. What's doing with Bill's freakish mug?

I couldn't figure it out. I switched from CNN to MSNBC to FOX, and each network had him with varying shades of bright orange to deep red. He was even approaching plum! Only on C-SPAN did Bill look relatively normal, and even that was creepy and disconcerting.

Big Dog was either suffering from the massive preliminary blood pressure spike associated with an impending brain aneurysm or heart attack, or he was the victim of a make-up artist with a very twisted sense of humor.

Either way, I couldn't concentrate on what Hillary was saying. He just looked way too weird!


Anonymous said...

I was asking myself the same question. At last, after spending the morning surfing the internets and swimming through all their tubes, I finally found thoughtful analysis of this issue here at CT Bob. I suppose I should know by now that I should start my political reading with CT Bob.

I hope it was just an over-application of that orangish TV-style makeup and not a sign of serious health problems. On a more positive note, Chelsea certainly has matured into an attractive young woman.


Anonymous said...

no offense dude, but that last sentence was kinda creepy

CT Bob said...

Hey, it's an opinion.

Chelsea has come a long way and endured a lot of nasty comments during her adolescent years. She's become a remarkably confident, self-assured young woman.

Bill and Hill have plenty to be proud of in her.

Sellitman (Kevin) said...

Even Monica didn't leave him that red I said.......