Thursday, May 08, 2008

Why does everyone bug me to run for Amann's seat?

(With Stamford mayor Dan Malloy at last year's JJB Dinner)

I'm getting kind of tired of this silliness.

The worst thing that happened to me in the last couple of years (other than Joe Lieberman's stubborn daily insistence on breathing) is for Jimmy Amann to have announced his retirement from the General Assembly at the end of his term.

Which leaves a sizable void in the political landscape of the 118th district, which occupies about 1/3 of Milford, specifically the center-to-western area.

Which is where I live.

And people apparently know that. Which begs the question:

Why do people keep bothering me to run for this seat?

I mean, get real, friends!

I can think of dozens of good reasons to not run, and not a single one why I should!

Well, OK; maybe having a progressive voice in the GA might be a good thing. I think I qualify as a "progressive". Whatever that is. I like progress, and I have a loud voice. That's gotta be "progressive". Somebody define it for me. I'm kinda lazy. So I don't wanna look it up.

I'll admit it would be a fun campaign. How can't it be? I'd insist on being placed on the ballot as "Connecticut Bob". In fact, I might go as far as legally changing my name so it'll appear that way. Or at least "Bob".

Who wouldn't want to vote for some character listed on the ballot as "Connecticut Bob"?

But the reality is there are literally dozens of people in my district better suited at being a rep than me.

Yes, but there are also hundreds who would be much worse at it than me.

All sorts of people tend to run for all sorts of reasons.

But let's try to find just ONE of the good ones to run!


Anonymous said...

The question is, if elected, will you serve?

Tessa Marquis said...

Leave that Bob Alone!

CTBob is, as he so often points out, incredibly brilliant, remarkably charming, talented beyond belief, taller than most other bloggers, and cheerful under pressure. How.Ev.Er! Don't you want him on the outside, doin' what he do, rather than stuck in the muck of the Assembly Pit?

It's bad enough that Christine Stuart has to spend every waking hour up there instead of making a living wage.

Jonathan Kantrowitz said...

I respect your desire not to run, but there is NOBODY better suited thay you.

1. You have a sense of humor and of the ridiculous.

2. You are incredibly creative.

3. You don't care what people think.

4. You are a true progressive.

5. You are brilliant.

6. You have the best group of friends in Connecticut.

With these attrubutes you would be a STAR in the legislature. You would completely shake it up. You would embarass them into actually doing something. And - get ready for this - you would then be elected our next GOVERNOR.

Anonymous said...

More good reasons:

- None of the "dozens" of better suited people appear to be running.

- Your victory at the polls would really annoy Joe Lieberman.

- Connecticut needs its own Al Franken-style candidate.

Anonymous said...

As the frog spinning in the blender says, "NO BALLS".

Gabe said...

Typical politician. A non-denial denial...

fuzzyturtle said...

you'll get paid, you'll get an office and paid staff that has to get you mochafrappachinos at your bidding, mailing & unlimited office supplies & phonecalls paid for.

and then we can blog all about you.

do it for the children. And the kittens.

Sellitman (Kevin) said...

The poster who mentioned how pissed off Lieberman would be wins!

Do it!

CT Bob said...

Give a man a compliment, and he'll feel good for a day.

Teach a man to fish for compliments, and it'll make his weekend!

LOL! Thanks for all the nice words!

Anonymous said...

you should run because we politicians that believe they are public servants. Your blog is truly for the greater good, running for office would be the same; only it would serve a much larger population.