Thursday, May 29, 2008

David Sirota on Colbert tonight (Thursday)

(Photo from 2006 election, with Lamont supporters (L-R) Matt Stoller, Tim Tagaris, and David Sirota)

Be sure to tune in to "The Colbert Report" tonight to watch David Sirota's interview on his new book, "The Uprising"

UPDATE: David's appearance on Colbert is now available online. Check it out:

Last night David had a book signing that was well-attended by popular Nutmeggers, including Ned Lamont and quite a few of our more notorious bloggers.

I was hoping to attend, but got stuck down in Manhattan until late so I missed it. But Spazeboy was there to video tape the event, and I'm waiting to see his videos.

Here's David's account of last night's signing, from his daily blog:
Just a quick note to let you know I am going to be on The Colbert Report tonight (5/29) discussing my new book, THE UPRISING. I've been on the show once before for my first book - and I can't lie: I'm nervous about tonight. So if you have thoughts, tips or advice for me, post them to the comments here.

The Colbert Show is kicking off my national book tour this week - and am likely coming to a city near you. Check the full schedule here. I was in Madison, Connecticut last night with Ned Lamont at a standing-room-only event where we discussed the progress of the antiwar movement. I'm going to do a more expanded post on that event, including video from SpazeBoy.

Stay tuned - my nationally syndicated column coming out tomorrow goes into this in detail. The column is entitled "The Lamont Lesson." Oh, and if you hadn't seen, check out this Huffington Post article about THE UPRISING's controversial revelation from none other than Lou Dobbs.

I hope you tune in tonight - and let your friends know about it. Then I hope you'll go pick up a copy of the book at, Barnes & Noble, or through your local independent bookstore.


Anonymous said...

When you catch up with Spazeboy, let him know he was featured on FDL today:

Apparently, there will come a time when, "Ezra Klein and Spazeboy will laugh knowingly over strained peas at the old folk's home and tell the tale of Little Tommy Friedman."

Endearing imagery.

CT Bob said...

Thanks. I let him know.