Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Timing is everything


I'm totally in awe of John Edwards, and his deft use of precise timing to utilize his endorsement to maximum advantage.

Less than 24 hours after Hillary Clinton's impressive victory in West Virginia, Edwards dropped a metaphorical A-bomb on Hillary's parade by endorsing Barack Obama at a rally in Michigan tonight.

I was wondering when he was going to step up for one or the other candidate, since he publicly stated on several occasions that he wouldn't issue an endorsement until after the voters went to the polls in the North Carolina primary, which concluded a week ago with Obama winning big. I couldn't understand why he was waiting so long to make the announcement.

Now it makes perfect sense. He used the occasion to deflate Clinton's victory after a single news cycle, when it would have the maximum impact. Keep in mind that Edwards was a very popular candidate in the Presidential race, and he still holds 26 delegates. His endorsement may lead to Obama getting a large percentage of those delegates. Even last night, Edwards was still on the ballot in West Virginia, and he received about 7% of the vote. That's a substantial margin for somebody who dropped out months ago.

Edwards has proven he's an impressive political creature. His support of Barack Obama can only help the senator's chances in November.

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Bob Symmes said...

Who'da thunk that Hillary's fat lady would turn out to be a skinny guy from NC?