Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just a few months ago...

...we gathered in Hartford.

17,000 of us, to support Barack Obama the day before Connecticut's primary.

Obama won the state by a close margin, helped in no small part by a personal endorsement from Senator Edward Kennedy, who appeared on the stage along with Caroline Kennedy to express their support for the candidate.

Ted Kennedy was given a warm welcome by the crowd, a good many of whom hadn't even been alive when Kennedy first won his senate seat. Yet everyone seemed to know and appreciate all he's accomplished in his long and illustrious political career.

Today we all heard the deeply upsetting news that Sen. Kennedy is now facing the battle of his life. As Sen. Dodd said tonight, Ted's a tough guy and a fighter, and there's nobody who can beat this if it isn't Ted Kennedy.

We all send our best wishes and prayers to him and his family.

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