Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Next up for Obama

Which high profile super delegate or venerable Democrat will endorse Barack Obama today or tomorrow? Last week it was John Edwards a day after Hillary's impressive win in West Virginia. Today is the day after another big win in Kentucky. Who will be the next one to declare for Obama?

Sen. Clinton is right about one thing. It will come down to the super delegates. But at this point, they're flocking to Obama compared to Clinton; and with Obama reaching the majority of 1627 in committed delegates, we'll probably see that trend increase.

As far as Clinton's recent wins in Kentucky and West Virginia go, it seems that she scores heavily with voters in Appalachia. This graphic from Daily Kos shows counties where Clinton has won more than 60% of the vote, and you can add Kentucky to that map now that the results are in. For the most part, these are red states; New York is an obvious exception. We're not likely to win them in November regardless of who the Democratic nominee ends up being.

Anyway, it'll be interesting to see who steps forward today or tomorrow and throws their support and their vote to Obama. Even though the primaries will run to the finish on June 3rd, for all intents and purposes the nominee is Barack Obama.

UPDATE: Not the biggest fish in the super delegate sea, but Rep. Joe Courtney (D-02) has finally thrown in with Obama. That makes it a clean sweep for CT's Congressional Delegations. I think this leaves State Party Chair Nancy DiNardo as the single holdout from committing.

C'mon, Nance, there's a pot that you need to decide what you're going to do with!

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Bob Symmes said...

Memo to HRC:

As Cromwell said 400 years ago: "You have been standing too long for any good to come out. I say to you, Go. IN THE NAME OF GOD, GO NOW!"