Tuesday, May 06, 2008

"It's a stunt."

(Can we PLEASE drop that stupid "9/10" thing? Everyone knows it's basically a penny; you're not fooling anyone with it!)

Yup. It's an election year stunt. Barack Obama used those three words ("It's a stunt!") to sum up Hillary Clinton's support for a summer-long "gas tax holiday", the AP reports:
"It's a stunt," the Illinois senator said in Evansville. "It's what Washington does."

Obama's stance was backed up by 230 economists who released a letter Monday opposing the temporary tax break, which would take 18.4 cents off the price of a gallon if consumers got the full savings at the pump. The signers included four Nobel Prize winners and economic advisers to presidents of both parties.
Yeah, but what do THEY know? Do we really need another president who won't listen to the advice of experts in their field?
Clinton shrugged off the blistering reviews from policy makers, industry experts and editorial writers.

"I believe we should start standing up for the majority of Americans who are paying the outrageous gas prices," Clinton said. "I'm ready to take on the oil companies."
Yeah, that makes sense. Let's "take on the oil companies" by looting the Government's tax income while sitting idly by and letting the corporations wallow in their ridiculously huge windfall profits.

That'll show 'em!

Jesus! Is everyone taking CRAZY PILLS?!?

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Bob Symmes said...

PLUS....when asked by Stephanopoulos to name Just ONE economist who thought this wasn't a dumb idea, Madame Shot-and-a-beer replied, "I'm not going to put my lot in with economists".

Kinda like, why listen to a cardiologist about your blocked arfteries? Or, who the hell would listen to a lawyer if arrested?

She's sounding more like the Great Decider with each passing day.

I think 8 years of Bush is 12 too many.