Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Convenient Truth

The compromise has been reached.

Despite the ominous words of Clinton toady Harold Ickes, this race is over.

Half-votes for all delegates from Florida based on the actual results. This gives Clinton roughly 57.5 delegates to Obama's 33.5.

Michigan was much more contentious, since Barack's name was voluntarily removed from the ballot while Hillary resolutely stayed on against DNC request. Hillary's supporters wanted the results to stand, with Clinton getting 55% and "Uncommitted" receiving 40%. Many pundits believe the majority of the uncommitted votes were votes for Obama. Additionally, a substantial number of write-in votes for Obama weren't counted, since Michigan rules don't allow write-ins for a candidate that hasn't declared his intention to run in the state.

The committee voted overwhelmingly to approve a Michigan compromise with Clinton getting 69 half-votes and Obama 59 half-votes. This will net the candidates approximately 34.5 votes for Clinton and 29.5 votes for Obama.

Overall, the likely outcome is Clinton 92 more delegates against Obama's 63. (These numbers will probably change, but they're in the ballpark)

Even though Hillary gained nearly 30 more delegates today, many of her supporters present at the meeting voiced outrage at the results. These crybabies wouldn't hear of any compromise, and the only acceptable resolution would have been to give them everything they wanted and possibly ice cream cones with multi-colored sprinkles on top.

Listen up Hillary supporters: I hate to say it, but it's over. Deal with it.

Harold Ickes got his comb-over in a snit, sweating heavily while denouncing the majority decisions by the DNC Rules & Bylaws committee, and he threatened to take the battle to the Denver convention.

The reality is, after Tuesday's final primaries, we'll see a flood of undeclared super delegates throw their support to Obama. Public opinion will strongly pressure Clinton to fall in line, and we'll have a unified party going into the summer.

UPDATE: FireDogLake video by Jane Hamsher below from the aftermath.

Does anyone think that Harriet might be originally from Howard Beach?

MORE UPDATE: BTW, this isn't schadenfreude; I take absolutely no pleasure in the suffering of Hillary's supporters.

But I totally DO want all of us to unify and start working towards kicking John Sidney McCain's butt so badly that he'll go crawl under a rock and stay there until somewhere around April of next year.

UPPER UPDATE: Jane has been video blogging up a storm over on FDL. Here's a rather compelling video, showing a lady who came to support Hillary in the aftermath of some rough handling by security when she acted up in the committee room. I admire her passion for her candidate, but I also feel a little sorry for her. I'm sure she didn't sign on to get bruised up while being expelled from the meeting room.


Bob Symmes said...

So, if my math is right, the "goalposts" (to borrow an overused term) are now at 2,103.

By my calculations, Obama needs now 119 delegates; and assuming a pickup of between 45-55 in the last 3 primaries, he'll need about 50-60 supers.

Yep, this bird's timer has popped...time to get it out of the oven....

Bob Symmes said...

Harriet will be Clinton's ambassador to Kenya. After all, she's obviously one of those "hardworking Americans, white Americans"...but I'm not sure if she sounds bitter.....

CT Bob said...

Oh, I think she's plenty bitter!

I know how emotionally invested many of Hillary's supporters are in the proceedings, but honestly I felt a little embarrassed for them with their outbursts during the Michigan voting.

It's OK to fight for your candidate, and in fact, a good primary contest often strengthens the party. But I'm a little surprised at the raw anger displayed by some of the people there.

Jesus folks, save it for the Republicans! They're gonna pull out all the stops to hammer on us later this summer, so let's try to keep that anger focused on someone who truly DESERVES to lose this November!

John Sidney McCain III

Tessa Marquis said...

I for sure, understand the bitterness. However, I have to believe that Hillary Clinton would prefer that her supporters vote for a Democrat. She needs to get to work on discouraging this voting for McCain threat. It will undermine her future effectiveness as NY Senator or anything else.

Later we can discuss why my word verification for this post includes "oy"...

CT Bob said...

It's obvious why the verification included "oy"...

Because the world is your OYster!

Bob Symmes said...

I worked for Ted Kennedy in 1980 (in CT, PA & NJ); I can remember how I felt then at losing -- yes I was "bitter" -- so I have been down a similar path now being trodden by Hillary's supporters.


I still held my nose & voted for Carter that November 6th.

(also had similar times w/Moffet in '84)

CT Bob said...

After nearly eight years of this disastrous lack of leadership in the White House, I think we're ALL somewhat bitter!

Even if we got the perfect president in office tomorrow, we might still never be able to completely erase the damage this administration has caused to our nation.

I can't help but feel that George W. Bush has stolen something precious from the concept of what it is to be an American, and it may never be the same again.

vagabondblogger said...

We watched this in Cairo, Egypt, until we were (I was) totally fed up! The Boss Man wants to know why Harold Ickes was not wearing a tie! Disrespectful of what was happening? And the plaid shirt -what's with that? Is it that Harold thinks this meeting was not important? Or just a step to another more important meeting (convention)?

I trust the Clintons like I trust a rabid animal - which is not at all. We here in Cairo do not like what we see.

Anonymous said...

Mark this day! It will be the last, the final victory of the Clinton machine in presidential politics. Hillary should stay in Puerto Rico, celebrate and just go sit on the beach for a very long time. She has peaked and has only a bitter Senate career to cling to.