Saturday, May 31, 2008

DNC ruling on MI & FL due today

The huge cluster-f&ck known as the Florida and Michigan Democratic primary fiasco is about to be settled once and for all.

At least, that's what I'm hoping!

Today's ruling by the DNC Rules & Bylaws committee will be shaped by several factors:

* The number of Clinton supporters on the R&B committee, rumored to be a slight majority
* How many delegates will be considered a fair compromise
* The celestial alignment of the stars and planets

I think the last factor is the most important, and we're likely to see a ruling that will be largely attributed to astrology rather than any sense of fairness or objectivity. Emotions are running much too high both within the DNC R&B committee and the two campaigns for this ruling to be universally accepted.

So, if they're smart, the committee will ascribe their ruling to the vagaries of the planets.

That way, they can blame the inevitable hue and cry on something other than their own political leanings.

(My prediction: Hillary's camp won't get exactly what they want, and their heads will collectively explode; Barack's people will complain mildly about the ruling but will accept it in the spirit of compromise.)


Anonymous said...

So, this is the back, smoke filled, dark room where the wheeling and dealing gets done?

Tighten your safety belts things are about to get bumpy.

Bob Symmes said...

My predictions:

FL: Clinton, 63; Obama, 42
MI: Clinton, 47; Obama, 31

CT Bob said...

I'm watching this on CNN right now. It's very refreshing to see the doors of the "back, smoke filled, dark room" thrown wide open and the world invited in to watch!

This is the kind of transparency that the party, and our government, desperately needs! Hurray for Gov. Dean on this one!

Judging from the opening remarks, it looks like the possibility of a compromise may be reached without a nightmarish amount of rancor. I hope!

vagabondblogger said...

I'm watching it in Cairo, Egypt right now on Orbit News (aka MSNBC central). That "celestial" thing would probably make more sense than the rules these guys made, that are being debated now.

CT Bob said...

I hope you stayed up late enough to see the results, VB! It probably was somewhere west of midnight your time when the Michigan votes were over.

That was some "Must See TV" today, huh?