Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The pictures tell the story

Shock and gloom in Dem HQ tonight.

We got murdered. Don't ask me why. The Democrats didn't raise taxes, they didn't knock down any historic homes that were deeded to the city, they didn't reduce the active force on the police dept., and they didn't disappear without notifying the city and then lie about it.

Yet, we still got killed.

That makes SO much sense.

Anyway, the autopsy results won't be in for a few days at least. But we still have to get through the funeral before we can worry about that.

Shock and gloom, like I said.

Despite working under wartime conditions, Tessa, Allie & George did a great job reporting the results. Thanks guys!


Anonymous said...

People, I am a devoted registered Democrat but I absolutely hated the way you guys went after Mayor Jim because he had the good sense to get treatment for his addiction problem. And that Cadley house thing. The house was a wreck, destroyed and rotted from inside out, no one could have saved it. Next time around, you need to pick your fights with a little more research and good sense. I'll bet 60% or more of people in Milford have dealt with addiction, with themselves or with their kids. You REALLY missed the boat here and should have done what you promised to do: left it alone.

CT Bob said...

You're not a Democrat. Kiss my ass.

tessa said...

I always suspected that 60% of the people in Milford have drug problems. At the supermarket they all lean on the push bar of their carts and walk like they are collapsing.

And I agree with CT Bob. Nobody who is a Democrat calls that guy "Mayor Jim".

Kiss my much bigger ass.

Chris MC said...

lol, both of ya...
btw, bloodbath in Newtown.
talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

I just saved the two photos that were included on this post to my computer – I would never want to forget the day that the Dems lost it all! Local victory belongs to the GOP, and there’s nothing you can do about it until 2011.

The Democrats even lost a Second District BOE race to Republican Greg Oliver, who was basically a placeholder who never campaigned and had no lawnsigns. Man, you suck!

Can you spell S-U-P-E-R-M-A-J-O-R-I-T-Y?

CT Bob said...

Sure asshole. Enjoy your higher taxes. Next budget is gonna be a lot of fun for you. Count on it, stupid.

Anonymous said...

CT Bob says: "Sure asshole. Enjoy your higher taxes. Next budget is gonna be a lot of fun for you. Count on it, stupid."

Bob's got a point. The set up left behind by the fuck...errr Libards..is going to be left in the lap of the incoming majority. Now is the time to get the message out that we will slash and burn to stop the out of control debt spending that the Lib's hold so dear to their hearts. Both here and in DC.

CT Bob said...

Milford had its first tax CUT in its history under Dem control. Explain that, genius.

Anonymous said...

Actually it's becuase we don't buy it. We all realized that it was smoke and mirrors, genius. You gave up the truth with your stupid response Bob, time to pay up is coming down the road.
" Next budget is gonna be a lot of fun for you. Count on it, stupid."

Now why would you say that? Don't worry we know, and that's why we kicked their ass.

And to be honest Bob, it's all just a game to see whose timing is better while playing the cycle. Think of it this way, if Kerry would have won last time instead of GW he would have crashed and burned and labeled a disaster when this economic down turn happened during his time, and the Democrats would have been banished as well.
See Barkey is not that dumb, he's playing the cycle like a pro. All his and Pelosi's lame-brained and devastating new massive Democracy killers are time bombs set to go off "AFTER" important potential power shifting elections.

That's why whenever I hear HealthCare Crisis! I laugh, becuase we all know not one proposal is set to take effect until 2013 or later. They could give a rats ass about healthcare or people, especially Obama and the Dem's, becuase if they did they'd just take the 2.5 billion fine that was levied against Pfizer and give healthcare to the so-called 35/40million without. Hell that would cover them and 3 generations down the road.

Nope, it's all about power and people are starting to see it for what it really is.
While everyone in the MSM and Leftist were/are demeaning the Tea Parties, the ground swell they were trying to dismiss came up and bit them in the ass.
I'll tell you this Bob, I was in Hartford, I met people from Ridgefield to Mystic, they were fiercely independent and many disliked being labeled. Look out Bob & Co, the more you disaparage people the more fire you light under their asses. You've just been warned. 2010 baby, oh my.

CT Bob said...

The tea baggers are all crazy. Get used to the idea.

Tea Baggery

Anonymous said...

CT Bob, aren’t you a member of the MGAT Committee?

Assuming so, I believe that your language and overall attitude (calling people whose comments you disagree with “assholes”) is unbecoming of someone supposedly trying to better the Milford community. So I request that you either refrain from the aforementioned or submit your resignation.

P.S.: I’m 95% sure that you’re going to post a comment calling me an asshole below this one, but I hoping that the 5% of decency and civility you still have left prevails.

CT Bob said...

So, I'm supposed to let anonymous cowards take their shots at me all they want, but if I call them a name that every single person has heard at least a million times by the age of 8, I'm a bad guy? Get over yourself. I'm not running a popularity contest here. If you have a problem with what I say, at least have the balls to put your name to your words.

Otherwise, I owe you zero respect.

Ha! I just proved you're 95% wrong! LOL!