Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Branford Boy may be right...

It's possible I AM becoming insufferable.

New York Magazine online (link) asked if they could use my blogger's profile image for a story on my video blogging with Joe Lieberman.

I said "Sure, have fun!".

Mere minutes later, the story above appeared online.

I'm very happy with it, of course; but my wife would appreciate it if you'd stop feeding my overblown ego like this.

You see, she feels that I'm in immediate danger of becoming...insufferable.


Sue123 said...

(Lorenzo didn't mean that).

scarecrow said...

For catching Joe in an outright light, on camera, you are hereby entitled to be insufferable for a day. today. You have two hours left. Well, done Bob.

harriet said...

so when do you start signing autographs!!!

Bob, you deserve the big ego as long as you don't stop being "insufferable" to Joe!!

Anonymous said...

Great job Bob!! Knew you would make it in the big time...now, who do you know that can get your clip on Stewart or Colbert...you would be up for that one!!

Big Ego...naw!! not good old Bob!!

Best from Boston,

not your standard poodle said...

You've been stalking Joe Schmoe on a mobile phone?

Who would've thunkit?

CT Bob said...

No, the author got that completely wrong.

I use a high-quality 3-CCD Panasonic mini-DV camera model GS-150, with a Kenko .5X wide angle lens, and an Audio-Technica ATR-30 high-impedence mic; and I edit the video using Pinnacle Studio v.9.43 on my Windows XP computer with a 250GB external 7200RPM drive.

I wouldn't be caught DEAD using no crummy mobile phone!

Anonymous said...

Bob, you are a great American. It is very heartening in these sometimes dark and cynical times to see that there are very wise and articulate folks who can spell out the plain truth so simply. Lets take back our country from the ground up. You are a much-needed inspiration and a true patriot.Don't bask too long, though;there is still so much to be done!

ctblogger said...

Can I please pick up newspaper or magazine that doesn't have a story about you in it :-)