Monday, October 02, 2006

Ned Lamont's "Message"

(From - Watching the campaign's latest TV ad, "message," might take many of you on a trip down memory lane. Or maybe you are new to the effort and have yet to really experience much of what brought so many together leading up to the August 8 primary?

Either way, with a month to go, there are going to be plenty of opportunities to relive the magic while ultimately electing Ned Lamont to the United States Senate on November 7th.

So watch the ad and use the handy tool below to forward it to your personal networks that might not be as familiar with Connecticut's next United States Senator. Here are some other ways you might help today:

1.) Forward this message to your friends using this link (link)
2.) Look up "family, friends and neighbors" inside CT and send them a physical postcard explaining why you support Ned Lamont (link)
3.) Contact your local campaign headquarters and get involved! (link)
(CT Bob here: see how much fun getting involved can be by watching this video)
4.) Start thinking about hosting a house party, in CT or nationally, for Ned on October 17! (more on this soon)


Mary said...

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Thank you, b.a. I don't attend to it (the blog) as often as I should b/c keeping up in bushworld requires more than a 24hr day! I can't tell you how delighted I am to see you here! What an honor!

I had to laugh as I read your comment because the truth of the matter is I lied...LOL! I was being coy with these dumbheads. I have NO intention of forgiving them! Can't. I'm a

I'd like to acknowledge to my other readers that as I write this reply, the commenter I'm responding to is perhaps one of the most wonderful, brilliant, passionate patriots I've ever encountered on the internets. He's an example of the kind of freedom fighter I imagine in my own mind and have no trouble at all imagining as one of the key players in organizing the first "tea party." And all I can say is it is people like him and his peers that we even have a Ned Lamont Campaign "again."

But back to point, I USED to live in his district and I think it's a very good thing I no longer do. Did you hear he was appointed prez or some kind of position of authority in the "Dems for Joe" new swiftboaters? I've taken him to task in several previous blogs and I'll tell you one one of them I let him know I'm not disappearing either and maybe we need to turn up the temp. a little more? I'll certain cross a town line to travel for justice. We have GOT to rid ourselves of all these vipers for all of the obvious reasons for those who have been following and for those newly awakening by totally embracing the words that "We are the People" and speaking with one voice. That's what I think has to happen and it starts within each one of us. That's really all I can say. I wish to God I knew how we must do it. I know we need more youth. Think about how just the visuals between Ned and Joe would affect the younger population? I'm middle-aged and the physical difference just makes me want to barf. So how about more pics of the two of them side by side just for the female psychological perspective. We know lizards when we see them! LOL! I'd start there!

b.a. - thank you from my heart. I'm with ya, bro.

CT Bob said...

Wow. Thanks.

I love the "Boston tea party" analogy.

Except I don't have to dress up as a Native American to do my duty.

Which is a good thing, because I think it would be politically incorrect to portray our native bretheran in that manner. What was acceptable 200 years ago ain't kosher these days.

But the patriotic flame burns just as bright today; only we get to act upon it from behind a keyboard!

patchtuc said...

This is posted on Talking Points Memo, was the fundraiser for your guy Lieberman?
As if the Foley scandal, Woodward's new book and the midterm elections weren't troubles enough for the GOP, along comes a fish scandal.

Last week, Josh quoted a White House pool report on a Connecticut fundraiser Bush attended. "We are dining on a delicious lunch of Chilean sea bass, topped with pea puree, cheese ravioli with a butter sage sauce, and salad of field greens," the anonymous reporter wrote, "the very same fare, we are told, that the donors. . . are enjoying."

Wait a minute, Reader JM writes. The Chilean sea bass is a threatened species. Is it appropriate fare for a Presidential event?

You're right, JM. According to Mark Stevens, who manages the sea bass preservation operation "Take a Pass on Sea Bass," the fish is very much in trouble. Since 2001, Stevens' group has been pushing to reduce consumption of Sea Bass, which is in danger of disappearing due to overfishing. His group has successfully lobbied prominent restaurants to drop the fish from their menus.

I told Stevens that the menu at the GOP fundraiser included sea bass. "Leave it to the Republicans to serve an endangered fish," he said.

"Most" sea bass for sale is caught illegally, Stevens told me. Several nations have enacted laws to protect the fish, which isn't a bass at all but a "Patagonian or Antarctic toothfish," he told me.

A little research revealed that there is one fishery in the world that produces legal, environmentally-sound sea bass -- and there's only chain, Whole Foods Market, which now sells their product in the United States. But Ashley Hawkins, a spokeswoman for the stores, told me it isn't yet available in Connecticut, or indeed that region of the country.

The president may have been served sea bass, but "they didn't get it from us."

I wonder what the Washington Times will have to say about this one

harriet said...

I agree with Mary, CTBob is a true patriot and he is definitely invested in this race as WE ALL SHOULD BE!!! I don't think I've ever been more worried about the state of our country than over the past 6 years -- and I go a long way back! We are so close to tipping our democracy to a police state and this horrible rubber stamping congress is allowing it to happen! Lieberman just adds to the abyss right now. We must VOTE OUT the Republican thugs and their close associate, Joe Lieberman! WE NEED NED LAMONT, it’s not just a matter of choice, it’s a matter of urgency!!!!

If you truly love this country, than now is the time to save it!!!

Anonymous said...

save our country from torturing terrorists who are the ones trying to blow up our country? i know torture is wrong on multiple levels and is unconstitutional, but the ones being tortured arent "freedom fighters" or political prisoners, theyre cold blooded terrorists that would kill any one of us just for being american. im not saying we should stoop down to savage level like many other countries(we arent there yet), but this is scary times, and if we can get info from the terrorists, i think we have to for our own security and anyone who is against terrorism.

harriet said...

oh my, oh my, anonymous, this type of thinking makes me more afraid of you than the terrorist. You know why? Because when fear takes over, good people start doing bad things and then it becomes hard to distinguish between them and the terrorist.

Anonymous said...

i have more of a hate for terrorists than fear.

harriet said...

okay, let's take your statement, "i know torture is wrong on multiple levels and is unconstitutional, but the ones being tortured arent "freedom fighters" or political prisoners, theyre cold blooded terrorists that would kill any one of us just for being american."

I believe you have your “but” in the wrong place. The word “but” should be very carefully used because it usually negates everything that’s already been said. Meaning, even though you believe the terrorist are cold blooded and deserve to be tortured, you actually believe torture is wrong and unconstitutional. Therefore, you are willing to give up the constitution because of your hatred for terrorist?

Anonymous said...

the constitution is great, but it was written 200 years ago. i dont think they could imagine people as terrible as the terrorists. i think this is a really tough issue. my main point is that i dont think you can call america a police state nor can you say america isnt one of the most just countries in the world.

CT Bob said...

Dude, once we abandon the Constitution, we might as well just become a police state, because we'll have given up the very framework that makes us great.

We've faced other serious threats in the past and managed to remain true to our founding beliefs. We'll get through this, too.