Monday, October 09, 2006

Revised: What Did Officeholders do for CT?

OK, from people who wrote comments here and at the official Lamont Blog -- here is a revised chart that includes the competitive Congressional seats we'll be voting on in less than 30 days, and two other events -- Rowland's election as governor, and when we lost a Congressional seat that was held by Jim Maloney (D-Danbury), due to declining CT population. (Click on image to enlarge.)


Anonymous said...

Great chart from Kirby. Thanks for all the effort. I sent a contribution to Kirby to help support this work.

imajoebob said...

Here's some more unsolicited advice:

Use a bar chart (histogram for the statistics snobs), with black for amounts greater than zero, and red for below. Much more effective, and better represents the impact versus lines.

If you wanna get really fancy, make an annual illustration of a dollar bill, and what it "bought" as loose change each year.

Haven't had any brainstorm on the ranking yet.

Anonymous said...

The facts in this chart make a strong counter to Lieberman's GROTON CT ad.

Ned should go to a city like Waterbury or New Haven, stand in front of an empty factory building and listen to people as they say things like, "I remember when that factory was the center of this community." "Our restaurant closed when the factory closed." Etc.

Great facts in this chart. Now it's time to personalize that data in way that every CT voter can relate to.

Anonymous said...

Well, I actually prefer the linear chart to a bar chart. IMO it shows better that this is a trend over time; bar charts do not imply connections between adjacent boxes nearly so well. Great work Kirby!

Anonymous said...

It would help to have the dollars labeled as to whether they are actual dollar amounts or adjusted for inflation? Not sure, but I think the adjusted dollars would be labeled current dollars and the others real dollars????

IF CT received $10 now and $10 then would not be a flat line -- it would be a downturn. Just don't want to miss any opportunity to send the clearest message possible...