Monday, January 07, 2008

Everything I know I learned since Jan. 20, 2001

Neal Starkman, guest columnist for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, has written this snarkilicious tirade on the things he's learned from the last seven years under the Bush/Cheney administration:
Being a Christian is the best. It's not really OK to be a Jew unless you live in Israel, the Promised Land. Mormons should learn how to be more Christian. Everyone else should convert or die.

The U.S. does well when huge corporations are allowed to do whatever they want. The more we can make rich people richer, the better it will be for everybody:

Rich people hire everyone else to work for them, making our economy robust.

Rich people got rich because of the free market system and their own individual efforts, for which they should be rewarded. Those people who aren't rich have only themselves to blame.

People in high office -- like the president and the vice-president -- have difficult, complicated jobs. If they forget to do stuff, or if they cut corners here and there, or if they tell a white lie now and then, that's OK, because the important thing is for them to protect us not only from bad things but also from thinking about bad things, unless they feel we need to. The only thing a president shouldn't do is to have sex with someone who's not his wife -- because that's a betrayal of the American people's trust...

To view the entire screed, which reads like the gospel of conservative opinions, click on The Seattle Post-Intelligencer.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to Neal Starkman's column: it'll make a great lesson for teaching logical fallacies.

Lynne, California

CT Bob said...

Yeah, this one is an instant classic.

Sometimes you forget the magnitude of just how horrible the sum total of the Bush/Cheney failure of leadership is until you see it all referenced in a single post.

And I think he left out some stuff...newspapers have space constraints!