Saturday, January 05, 2008

Jim Himes reaches out to the Latino community

Earlier today Jim Himes ( stopped by and videotaped a short message to the Latino community in celebration of Three Kings Day (Epiphany) and the New Year.

Jim speaks flawless Spanish as a result of being born to American parents who lived in Peru and Colombia for much of his childhood.

There's two versions of this video: Regular (Spanish only) and Extra-Gringo (with English subtitles). I've included the latter video below. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

"Tish! You spoke French!"

Great vid. And yet another reason Jim will wipe the floor with Shays in November.

CT Bob said...

OMG! Tell me you did NOT just quote "The Addams Family" on my blog! Do you realize how that's going to look to all my countless THOUSANDS of new readers?!?

Hee hee!

If you liked the video, wait until you see the outtakes!

(Don't worry if you're reading this, Jim and Maura...the tape is safely in the vault!)

Anonymous said...

How dare Jim Himes speak a non-American language!

CT Bob said...

Technically speaking, "English" is a non-American language. Let's deport all those spam-eating Limey bastards back to Pommie-land where they belong!

Anonymous said...

Alas: An amazing wish to us Americans from a culturally sensitive person!