Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ron Paul replaces Giuliani on NY Times Election page

"Ouch! Dat's GOTTA hoit!"

Due to his dismal track record in the early primaries and caucuses, former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani (often intentionally misspelled "Ghouliani", even "9ia11iani") has been dropped from the "Top Five" Republican candidates from the New York Times' online Election Guide results page.

Giuliani has been replaced on the list by slightly-less-than-longshot candidate Ron Paul, which probably has the "Paultards" dancing in the streets with joy. Paul has earned significant double-digit results in several contests.

UPDATE 1/23/08: Rudy's back in! Due to Fred "Grumpy ol' Man" Thompson dropping out, now there's room at the inn for Giuliani. Still, it was fun while it lasted!

Rudy's strategy of mostly skipping the early contests to focus his energy on next week's Florida primary seems to be a disaster in the making. He's currently trailing John McCain in his own home state of New York, and even with a gigantic victory in Florida, it may be too late to have a significant impact on the Super Tuesday 23-state contest, scheduled only 7 days after Florida.

With McCain's surge in the polls, odds are Giuliani is toast before he really gets started.

Don't worry, Rudy...you'll always have those six-figure lecturing fees to help soothe your hurt feelings.


Connecticut Man1 said...

H I L L A R I O U S !

Anonymous said...

Happy to see Rudy Sporano go! His demise is a blow to fascism.