Sunday, May 25, 2008

Best of New Haven Reader's Poll winner?

I'm thrilled to find that "Connecticut Bob" has gained a mention in the New Haven Advocate's Best of 2008 Reader's Poll last week!

It was cool because someone came up to me after our sailboat race today and said he saw my blog mentioned in the Advocate.

In the section they call "The Best of the Rest", my blog was recognized as getting write-in votes for the category of Best Local Blogger that they don't officially have yet on their ballot.

I'm listed along with New Haven Independent and CT News Junkie journalist Paul Bass, and someone called Hernandez Silicone (for which my half-hearted Google search returned nothing).

It's a rare honor to be recognized among such categories as "Best Parking Spot", "Best Place to Take Off Your Shoes", and "Best Place to Have Sex in Public".

(Hint: one of them is "Beneath the Willow"!)

Thank you New Haven Advocate, for finally acknowledging what I knew all along...

...I'm at least as good as a parking spot!


Tessa Marquis said...

Unless there was only one write in vote, in which case I will take the credit.

Aw heck, I will take the credit anyway, due to this:

CT Bob said...

Oh, I'm sure you were the only vote. Hey, at least I got one more vote than a lot of OTHER bloggers!

Bob Symmes said...

like in politics and in racing, it doesn't matter by how much you lead, as much as you need to be ahead at the end.

Bob Symmes said...

(BTW, am I the only person who noticed that Paul Bass' picture looks an AWFUL lot like Chico Marx?)