Tuesday, August 12, 2008

10:25PM Wrap up

CT Blogger from Hat City Blog and Connecticut Blog, along with Charles Monaco from the Jim Himes campaign discuss the issues.

And by issues, I mean trading gossip.

I just interviewed Jim outside; all my interviews were out in front of the pub because the music and chatter was too loud inside to get decent audio.

Jim is very much looking forward to immediately starting his campaign for the general election. Judging from the results tonight, when thousands of voters turned out to support a candidate that was already expected to win easily is a huge vote of confidence for Jim and his progressive message of change.

It's going to be a really fun campaign going into November, that's for sure!

I'm done for the evening. More later this week (before vacation, hopefully!)


Headless Horseman said...

What I want to know is... even in the Democratic party, how did Lee Whitnum find 13% of Democrats showing up to the polls who were insane enough to support her?

Bob Symmes said...

All I know is, after running the AB software, I woke this morning with the worst of all worlds: having a hangover without having had anything to drink.

CT Bob said...

Headless, probably the biggest reason Whitnum managed to capture 13% if the vote is that the all the Media Corp. papers covered Lee as if she was a sane and reasonable choice. If you took the entire weight of their coverage, they'd probably have 10 favorable or neutral articles to a single one that explores her outrageous rhetoric. A lot of people still have much of their opinion influenced by the dead-tree media.

Voters, like anyone else (including me in years past) can be less than thorough when comparing candidates. Especially if one of them is a somewhat attractive (to some) blond woman who seems like she's David to Jim's Goliath.

I'd guess that a lot of that 13% never read her views on Israel or Afghanistan, or watched the News 12 debate.

Last night was a decisive win and a major vote of confidence for Jim. It would have been bad if Lee had managed to capture 25% or 30% of the vote.

But the way it turned out, I'm sure Shays is getting increasingly worried.

Tessa Marquis said...

Who is "Shays"?