Friday, August 15, 2008

Malloy to Blumenthal: November deadline

Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy spoke to me the night of the 4th CD primary, and I asked him about a run for higher office. He said that if Attorney General Dick Blumenthal doesn't commit to run shortly after the November election, Malloy will announce his intention to run. Currently the only challenger that's announced is House Speaker Jim Amann.

Malloy was the selected party nominee for Governor at the 2006 convention, but lost to New Haven Mayor John DeStefano in a close primary. DeStefano lost to incumbent Gov. Jodi Rell.

Malloy's November deadline follows conventional wisdom that it takes a good two years for a challenger to gain enough momentum to knock off a popular incumbent. Gov. Rell is enjoying approval ratings that belie her actual job performance.

This one minute video shows Malloy answering my question about a potential run for governor.

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Bob Symmes said...

Particularly as I'm not thrilled with Amann, I'm encouraged by the possibility of a campaign getting its act together, instead of the "we'll-deal-with-problems-when-they-occur" operations which are the signature of past state Democratic operations.