Friday, August 29, 2008

Why Palin would be a perfect choice

10:36AM BREAKING NEWS: CNN just confirmed that Palin IS the VP pick for McCain.

(In related news, Sen. Joe Lieberman was last seen standing on a ledge somewhere, muttering "Boned again...")

This morning CNN and MSNBC is reporting that a private jet from Anchorage arrived in Dayton, possibly carrying Governor Sarah Palin. While I'm mourning the fact that Joe Lieberman probably won't be selected, there are some very good reasons why she would be a great VP choice from the Democratic point of view:

1. Ethics scandal: She fired the Public Safety Commissioner who allegedly wouldn't discipline the State Trooper who was married to her sister. In the video, she claims the divorce was over several years ago, but the ongoing child custody case has been nasty, and the officer in question has been stalked by members of Palin's family and confidential state information on the officer has been leaked.

2. Experience: Palin was elected governor in 2006, meaning she's had less than TWO YEARS of experience. Apparently, as far as the GOP is concerned, experience ISN'T very important as a requirement for the Presidency. Especially when you consider that John McCain, turning 72 this week, will likely not complete two terms and the VP choice will be the President. There goes that "lack of experience" meme about Obama.

3. MILF factor: This might not be a valid reason against Ms. Palin, but her obvious good looks (former runner-up Miss Alaska) will provide endless fodder for Daily Show/Colbert Report/Letterman/Leno writers. And it has the added benefit of making John McCain the ugliest candidate out of both tickets. While this is a trite and facetious reason, nobody ever lost a dime by under estimating the shallowness of the the general public.

Here's Ms. Palin speaking about the scandal:

UPDATE: Politico reports Pawlenty won't be in Dayton today, says "was honored to be considered". If true, it's probably a bitter reaction to being passed over for VP, so he's spoiling McCain's suprise announcement. Little miffed are ya, Tim?


Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>And it has the added benefit of making John McCain the ugliest candidate

Hair plug Joe's good looking???

Honestly Bob; so long as you folks have Rosa, you don't want to be bringing up anyone's looks.

Bob Symmes said...

Coming from a party that can't drag even a nominal opponent to Rosa, I'd say that pretty brave talk, pilgrim.

CT Bob said...

C'mon Doug, someone with your sense of humor must know that I was joking. Besides, as Bob points out, Rosa wins by default.

Maybe after McCain/Palin loses by a landslide, you can get Miss Wasilla 1984 to run against Rosa. I'm sure the independent middle here in CT wants an anti-Choice pro-gun Creationist ultra conservative nutjob with zero national experience in Congress. Because she's pretty.