Saturday, August 09, 2008

If Lee Whitnum was smart...


...sorry, I can't think of anything to finish that sentence.

L O L !!!!


Let me try this again.

If Lee Whitnum was the slightest bit intelligent, she wouldn't be trying to win the Democratic nomination for Congress.

After all, her platform breaks with the Democrats in several major areas. And she has absolutely negligible support from the Democrats. And she apparently had her one major fund raiser hosted by a prominent Greenwich Republican.

Also, once this primary is over, she'll most definitely sink back into relative obscurity having made only the smallest of ripples in the 4th District political pond.

No, if Lee was smart, she wouldn't be running as a Democrat.

Instead, she should have petitioned as an independent candidate. Maybe she could have formed a party similar to the one begun by our junior senator. She could call it the "Connecticut for Whitnum" party.

Here's why it would have been a good idea for her. First, she'd be on the ballot come November 4th, instead of losing on August 12th. This way she'd get the media to pay attention to her extreme rhetoric for the next three months. She'd make headlines spouting her outrageous claims and wild positions on the issues.

Plus, she'd have a valid excuse to be involved in the Himes/Shays debates, since as a petitioning candidate, she'd be given the same courtesy that the other 3rd party guy received in 2006. I'm talking about Joe Lieberman, not Alan Schlesinger; although judging from the lack of support he received from his own party, you'd think Alan was running on the "Wacky Space Alien Party" line instead of the hallowed old GOP line. So much for loyalty, eh?

Of course, the deadline for petitioning onto the ballot has passed, which is why I didn't mention this before. Because if she had thought of it, she'd certainly be smart enough to see that this was a sure way to get all the attention she seems to crave.

Or, maybe not.


The Stratford Observer said...

Salient points, all--thank God she's not savvy enough to have someone points these things out to her!

CT Bob said...

In truth, I feel kind of sorry for Whitnum. She seems like a nice enough person, except for her fringe politics and wild-assed rhetoric. I almost get the feeling she was talked into this whole thing by someone who has an agenda.

It'll be interesting to see how things play out in the post-primary weeks.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to all the candidates! Democrats win in the Fourth in Novemeber 2008!