Friday, August 08, 2008

Christ on a pony!

What is it about people? Why are they so fucking dumb ALL THE TIME?!?

Thanks for the moral turpitude, you dumb sonofabitch!

Jesus, first Eliot, and now this!

Didn't you ever hear of condoms, you idiot?

You know, these fucking things? Goddammit!

* * * * * * * * * *

UPDATE: Um, upon re-reading that, it might look like I'm saying that it's OK to screw around as long as you use protection.

It's not.

I don't give a flying fuck what anyone does in their private life if they aren't running for office. But someone like John Edwards, who loudly and publicly criticized Bill Clinton for his intern fucking, for him to bang some random broad looks like the absolute height of hypocrisy. And he actively sought the nomination of our party for president. God knows what would happen if he had managed to WIN it! (can you say PRESIDENT McCAIN? Shit, untold thousands of Iranians would be dead because Edwards couldn't keep his wick dry!)

And don't even mention how he's treating his poor wife and family. It's sickening. I'd love to smash him in his stupid smug face for putting them through this!


Anonymous said...

at least people now realize that hypocrisy is big among dems and repubs. politicans are politicans.

CT Bob said...

Oh, yeah. After the Kennedys, Bill Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, and now John Edwards, I'm fully aware that dumbshittedness isn't strictly a Republican disease.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention that he could have paid *you* to make the video ads and gotten better videos as well as keeping his pants zipped up.

Dumb fuck.

Middletown Eye (Ed McKeon) said...

Do you think the Courant will be picking up this post on Sunday?

CT Bob said...

Uh, I have a sneaking suspicion they'll pass on this one!

(at least you can't claim that I'm changing my "voice" in hopes of getting my column published!)

CT Bob said...

You know, after rereading this post, I counted about seven instances of words that reside on the FCC's "seven deadly words" list, and three or four other vulgarities that you probably won't see in the paper: bang, screw, wick, a goddammit and a sonofabitch.

It's amazing how completely my vocabulary regresses when I'm pissed off. (oops! there's another one!)

vagabondblogger said...

"It's amazing how completely my vocabulary regresses when I'm pissed off."

I agree. Fuck the FCC! And John Edwards too - I was for him, before I was for Dodd, and then Obama. Let's not forget, he's "the son of a millworker, too." I suppose I'm also bothered by the fact that Elizabeth went along, and so strongly supported and defended him during the primaries, all the while knowing (from what he's said - his "99%" worth of truth). Maybe he should say truthiness?

CT Bob said...

Edwards didn't just betray his wife and family; he broke the hearts of thousands of his supporters, too. It's a crying shame what he did.

Even his mealy-mouthed explanation pissed me off. You know what telling 99% of the truth makes you?

A goddammed liar!