Sunday, August 31, 2008

Never pray for rain

See what it gets you, Stuart Shepard of "Focus on the Family"? You stupid hateful ass!

If I did believe in a Christian god, I'd be pretty sure where he stands with regard to YOU!

Any regrets, Stu? I hope you're praying just as hard for your god to spare the good people of the Gulf Coast from this disaster of "biblical proportions" that's bearing down on them.

Video via Daily Kos


Anonymous said...

Speaking of the daily kos, Bob, do you agree or find totally repulsive the attacks they have posted regarding Sarah Palins 16 year old daughter? The stupid s**t who wrote the article used a 2 year old picture of the daughter to somehow make the claim that the 4 month old child with downs syndrome is hers. As much as I despise that garbage blog I do wish more americans did read it so they could see for themselves what a bunch of sick twisted lying lunatics constitute the left wing in this country. Go ahead Bob defend this latest cowardly cheap shot directed at a child and her mother. Hmm I wonder if the blogger would have the b**ls to make the claim to their faces, naw it's to easy for him to be a coward with a keyboard.

Bob Symmes said...

Gustav did one thing for the Rethugs: Bush & Cheney won't be speechifying.

Too bad. America needs to be reminded whose side McCain is on.

I won't even bother to comment on the idiocy which precedes.

CT Bob said...

Jesus, Amazed, take a frickin' pill!

It's not like the Republicans are completely above taking cheap shots at people's families, are they? Don't you remember the shit that poured out of your hero's mouths about 12-year-old Chelsea Clinton back in the '90s?

Hold a mirror up to your own party before bitching about anyone else. I'm totally sick of the fucking hypocrisy you guys show.

Bob Symmes said...

Wonder what Amazed thinks about the news Kristin is, er, "en famille" (or, "in the family way", "preggers", "got a full oven", etc.)...

Probably thinks it was followed by a star in the east.

CT Bob said...

Oh, you won't see Amazed no more.