Monday, September 01, 2008

Rumors and stuff

(UPDATE below)

I'll be the first to admit that this is a very weird story. I personally think it's rather far-fetched, but I'm holding out on a decision until more details are known or it's debunked.

One thing is certain; it's got comedy potential! (click to enlarge)

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And supposing the story is a complete fabrication, there are some very disturbing things about Sarah Palin and the way she admitted she treats her unborn fetuses. For a virulently pro-life woman, she sure bashes the shit outta her kids in utero! See this helpful flow chart (h/t to JohninCT from CTLP) for details (click to enlarge):

The utter irony of this situation is the way the very same Republicans who stood by and giggled while people like Rush Limbaugh attacked 12-year-old Chelsea Clinton's looks are howling like they were tazed by a 100,000 volt stun gun at the terrible injustice of impinging the morals of a 16-year old.

Hurts a bit, don't it? Live and learn, idiots. Maybe now you'll keep your misogynistic remarks about Hillary Clinton in check (very doubtful).


Well, now the real dirt comes out. In a bid to defuse the rumor about Sarah Palin's alleged baby, the McCain campaign has revealed that 17-year-old Bristol Palin is knocked-up. The unmarried teen daughter of the abstinence-only ultra-religious anti-contraception governor and VP candidate apparently didn't follow her mom's advice that "your mouth can't get pregnant".

The unnamed father is nowhere to be found, but reports quote the Palin family referring to him as "Levi". Of course, they're likely referring to Levi Strauss, founder of Levi Strauss & Company, the maker of famous blue jeans, who died in 1902.

(Levi Strauss in happier times)


Connecticut Man1 said...

Bob, I have acknowledged that the wilder stories exist but not given them much credibility. But there is one aspect that seems more credible. The part about her daughter, Bristol, having a kid and getting married, as well, is what started it. These aren't wild eyed liberal or progressive Bloggers starting these rumors but local Alaskans of every political stripe that have tossed this rumor around since before, during and after of Palin's kid.

Palin taking those long flights and driving back to Wasilla to have the kid only added new rumors to the original ones.

My wife was told specifically not to fly late in the pregnancy. She had a business trip yanked from her because of it. And there is no way in hell we would wait 8 to 10 hours to get to a hospital even at the earliest signs of labor. ESPECIALLY when you are talking about a premature baby. It makes absolutely no sense at all.

CT Bob said...

That is the point, I think, of the focus on Sarah's most recent pregnancy. The fact is, she showed what many consider horrible judgment when flying AFTER her water broke and taking 10-12 hours to get to her podunk hospital.

There's also a very dark scenario about what Ms. Palin might have been trying to do by creating the huge delay in getting to a hospital, but I hesitate to even verbalize it. I don't like going to such awful places.

Bob Symmes said...

Of course, CNN & AP have just reported that Bristol Palin -- not yet a high school senior -- IS pregnant (by a McCain aide).

Now THERE's come family values for ya! (& here I thought it was called "statutory rape")

CT Bob said...

Wait...are you saying she's pregnant BY a McCain aide? Wow, that's some advance work they're doing up there! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Of course, CNN & AP have just reported that Bristol Palin -- not yet a high school senior -- IS pregnant (by a McCain aide).

Link, please.

Anonymous said...

Here ya go:,0,2379327.story

CT Bob said...

Quick, somebody google "Levi" and "mccain" and "alaska".

Connecticut Man1 said...

Looks my assessment of the situation was completely accurate. I dare the McCain campaign to debate me on whether "liberal Bloggers" are the cause of today's announcement. heh

Now... Off to write on Palin being a secessionist. Her being the leader of Alaska and having to deal with the government of the USA may be her idea of foreign policy experience? Given that he obviously vetted her so well... I wonder if McCain knew she was a member of a party that wants Alaska to separate from the USA before he picked her? lol

Anonymous said...

Wow and they say they are the Party of values

Anonymous said...

Did you guys hear that palin fired a state tropper and its under investigation wow. also ct bob will you be taking pictures on election day on the Jim himes race at precincts around bridgeport

Anonymous said...

Imagine if Obama's daughter had a kid, or Biden had a DWI. He'd be done. Arent the Republicans supposed to be about values?

Bob Symmes said...

Wonder if "Levi" is code for, um, like "Put your g******ed pants back on!"

vagabondblogger said...

Her judgement during labor - that's usually indicated by your water breaking - just a bad decision. Check out: the wiki page for MAS - The reason why my amniotic fluid was checked when it broke to make sure it was clean (and I delivered within a half an hour.) Yes, she must have thighs of thunder (she was never in a 007 movie was she?)

Also, a legal eagle friend says, belonging to AIP and espousing seceding from the USA is an act of "treason." Not sure on that, but my guess is, she's just now being vetted, and it doesn't look pretty (for her.) And lots of discussions going on about the "family values" aspect of this particular family (along with McCain divorcing his first wife for a richer, more anorexic version) does not bode well for these guys. Particularly the aspect of having a special needs child and a 2 parent working family, seems to go against the "family values" of the religious right.

I just find all of the information on her and her family a bit creepy.

CT Bob said...

The Republicans will never understand that their lame attempts at vetting a candidate are laughable when you compare them to the combined processing power that thousands of liberal bloggers are capable of wielding.

It's a whole new ballgame, and we're the umpires now!

Bob Symmes said...

The act of secession - or the support thereof - is unconstitutional and thus illegal (by the 14th Amendment, Article 3).

However, the discussion of secession is protected by the 1st Amendment.

The AIP's attempt to secede was slapped down in Kolhaas v. State of Alaska.

Bob Symmes said...

Also, AP reports that Palin has retained a lawyer to represent her in the Troopergate investigation:;_ylt=AmOLNr1rY_WyzzHPZC1piWVI2ocA

It just gets better, doesn't it?

CT Bob said...

This is one of those cases where the blogs DID wag the dog. The dog in this case being the MSM.

Amazing. I only hope she can hold out until AFTER the convention. I'd like to see the little Republican kabuki dance go all the way through it's completion before Palin gets Eagleton'd.

I wonder who the GOP is going to pick to be their Sargent Shriver? (Psst: do the intials JL mean anything to you?)

Bob Symmes said...

Well Jumpin' Joe HAS been thoroughly the Democrats. Maybe John-boy can ask Howard Dean nicely for it.

CT Bob said...

Yeah, but we vetted him back in 2000. He could have done a LOT of naughty things since then.

(Can anyone say "street money"?)