Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sailboat racing in the rain

UPDATE! Holy crap! A bunch of drunken sailors (with a few sober ones mixed in) managed to raise over $15,000 for this very worthy cause! Awesome!

Upper UPDATE: It looks like once all the donations are gathered, we'll have raised something like $20K! Woohoo! More info about the regatta (with photos) on my sailing blog!

This weekend I'm in Branford for a charity event, The Wellness Cup. This year is the first of an annual charity race to raise funds for the "The Wellness Group - Southern Connecticut", an international non-profit organization dedicated to providing free support, education, and hope to people with cancer and their loved ones.

We entered the regatta and sailed in somewhat nasty conditions (light to moderate rain most of the race) but we prevailed and did well. The main point of this is not just to have fun on the water, but to raise money for this very worthy charity. (Pictured above clockwise from lower left: CT Joyce, Lori and Tim Nicholson - and yes, it was very wet out there)

Click on the link above to get more info about the event, and please feel free to make a contribution to The Wellness Group at this address:

The Wellness Community-Southern Connecticut, Inc.
P.O. Box 2182
Branford, CT 06405

Make checks out to TWC-SCT. Thanks!


Bob Symmes said...

I issue a fatwa on you!

I pulled my boat last week, as I'll not have the time between now & Nov. 4th (However, my Dad would've gone out on Thanksgiving -- he'd call me a "non-believer")

Bob Symmes said...

"Only sailors can get blown off-shore"

Anonymous said...

Himes is going to win Bridgeport big time

CT Bob said...

I have sailed in December, but it was unseasonably mild (around 60 degrees) and sunny. But I prefer to haul the boat by mid-October. Otherwise you freeze your 'nads off when you're trying to winterize it and put the cover on during wintry weather.

Sailors get blown onshore, too. ;)

Bob Symmes said...

Onshore ONLY if it's known they're sailors! ;)

BTW: My poll -- (9/19-9/24)
(A)- LV: Himes 43.4 Shays 41.1
(B)- RV: Himes 42.7 Shays 42.2

217 calls; 167 responses

MOE = 4.2%


Anonymous said...

I don't know about you sailors, but the ladies prefer a longshoreman.
Here in Connecticut it's easy to enjoy some Moosehead at your favorite local, but in Alaska, it's a felony.

Connecticut Man1 said...

It's great what you all are doing for the cause there.

Old swede... I am reminded of an old expression:

"Moose lips sink ships"

Ask Captain Queeg of the SS McCain Campaign.