Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Fifth Man

A quick video refresher on John Sidney McCain's involvement in the "Keating Five" scandal, and it's cost to Americans.

The is the guy the GOP wants to have in charge. No thanks.

(go to Third-Term.com for more)


Anonymous said...

What bothers me about this ad is that it doesn't mention that the other four senators were Democrats: Alan Cranston, California; Dennis DeConcini, another Arizonan; John Glenn, NASA and Ohio; Don Riegle, Michigan. All Dems.
This is a clear path for a counter-attack by the Republicans. It is a good example of McC working across the aisle, though.

CT Bob said...

Yeah, McCain will peddle influence across the aisle.

Regarding any counter-attacks, the difference is, all those other guys are long gone. If any of them ran for president, they'd be fair game. John McCain wants to be president. McCain's association with this mess isn't magically exempt because Democrats were guilty, too.

Anonymous said...

I never said that McC was exempt in any way, just that using the Keating Five scandal against McC is not likely to work well. The Reps will counter with the Dem involvement.
C'mon, they're trying to pin the mortgage meltdown on Clinton and the 1992 Democratic legislation outlawing redlining in home loans.
There's some serious underlying racism in this attack. But after McC's campaign saying today that they are tired of dodging SPEARS from Obama, their racist flag is up front and flying high now.
They will clutch at any straw and are really good at confusing the voters.