Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pelosi and Himes press conference

(Photo by CT Blogger)

Nancy Pelosi and Jim Himes visited Stamford to discuss the economy and other important issues at a press conference today. I've edited the video somewhat but most of the questions and answers are intact. Throughout the video you can hear cameras clicking non-stop, and a few times I had to edit out some photographers who blocked my camera with their big stupid ridiculously non-transparent heads.


Bob Symmes said...

Pity they didn't turn their heads sideways -- at least then you would have had a clear shot through their ears.

CT Bob said...

Sometimes it gets a little hostile when battling for space on the press riser. I've had arguments with TV news crews that set up right in front of me, and yesterday I had to rudely poke some of the photogs in the their backs when they floated across my camera's frame. It kind of sucks, but you have to be a bit of an asshole in order to shoot good video sometimes.

And I'm just the asshole for the job!

Bob Symmes said...

OF course, we didn't have the Net back in the day...but in '80 and in '84, we gave TV a specific spot for each op; radio up front; photogs had to rotate in the space behind radio; then (on the other side)print media.

I suppose that answers the question" "Grandpa, what did people DO before the Internet?"