Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Never pass up a chance

...to mock Fox News.

"It's split"...yeah, right!

I love how the lady in the back smacks down her man's arm when it accidently raises for McCain, and then they both "vote" for Obama! And even better, how funny is it when the entire room laughs out loud at the reporter's lame-assed comments?

And here's a good video by Brave New Films about McCain]s consistently inconsistent positions regarding the economy.

(h/t to Markos)

And I don't really know why, because it's just plain silly more than witty or ironic, but this poster makes me laugh:


Anonymous said...

No puns on Il Duce, please.

Bob Symmes said...

My personal favorite is "Caribou Barbie"

CT Bob said...

I've been scouring the internet for the Dudley Moore scene from "Arthur" where he's meeting his fiancee's father in his study, and he's completely distracted by the moose head hanging on the wall.

"You must have hated that moose!"

"Where's the rest of the moose?"

Finally Susan's father explodes and yells, "Enough about the moose!"

I'll keep looking for it.

Anonymous said...

We expect republicans to support the rich, but why are democrats doing the same with their endorsement of the corporate welfare act of 2008. Perhaps instead of worrying about a lightweight like palin, perhaps you could find out why our "reps" sided with the capitalists against the people. We all know only the complete dismantleing of all corporations large or small is the only way to have a just & equitable society. It would be nice if you called the democrats who support the "bailout" to task for supporting our enemies.

CT Bob said...

"We all know only the complete dismantling of all corporations large or small..." is possibly the stupidest remark I've heard in a long time.

Listen, you're entitled to your goofy opinions; but when you post something like that on my blog anonymously, don't expect me to take you seriously.

Because I won't.