Saturday, September 06, 2008

DeLauro slams Shays

At today's Obama rally, Rep. Rosa DeLauro (CT-3) had a few thoughts about Republican Chris Shays and his opinion of Connecticut's women voters.

More videos coming later.


Baxter said...

Shays is a bozo, but do we really want all Democrats representing CT?

On another note, great interview with Chris Murphy.

CT Bob said...

Yes. And thanks.

Longer answer: don't consider the party as much as the political ideals of the candidate. Chris Shays is with Bush on Iraq, making wealthy tax cuts permanent, for privatizing social security, and by supporting Palin-McCain, is by default anti-choice. Jim Himes is for ending the war, responsible energy policies, universal health care, improving the infrastructure in the 4th CD.

So in this case...yes, we'll do better with all Democrats representing us.

And besides, there are two major Republican players in power here; Gov. Rell, and Sen. Lieberman (even if he doesn't have the balls to claim it, he's 100% Republican).

Bob Symmes said...

I want all Democrats running Connecticut -- as long as the Karl Rove mindset (working for a "permanent Republican majority") exists in the pea-brains running the Republican Party.

Tyranny of one political party - at any level - makes a mockery of our democratic republic.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear that shays is up by double digests the himes c ampign dont even have yard signs out yet!!!!!!

CT Bob said...

Well, it said that in the Bridgeport blog, but they didn't cite it. I haven't heard of any polling done yet.

Anonymous said...

ct bob - the idea that your blog is nonpartisan is not a funny joke anymore. sorry, its just overused. also, who the hell cares about what some partisan Dem says about Shays in an election year? she's just doing himes a partisan favor. not impressive.

CT Bob said...

Hey, I knock the Dems when they do stupid shit. And they do plenty.

It's just that the Republicans have been doing so many magnitudes MORE stupid shit for the last 8 years that it's difficult for anyone to be non-partisan, let alone me.

I may be partisan, but I do my very best to be accurate, honest, and entertaining. If I sometimes fail at that, well, there's plenty of other blogs you can read.

And besides, do you want Chris Shays to get away with insulting Connecticut women by implying their only criteria in deciding who to vote for is whether or not the candidate has a uterus?

Anonymous said...

entertaining: check
accurate: "Sen. Lieberman (even if he doesn't have the balls to claim it, he's 100% Republican)." ... i dont quite think so

CT Bob said...

Then don't think so. It's your right.

But when Sen. Joe appears at the RNC and coaches VP candidate and moose executioner Sarah Palin on foreign policy, what does that make him? A good Democrat?


Anonymous said...

lieberman has never said he wants roe v wade over turned, so i dont think hes 100% republican. didnt mean to offend, just wanted to perfect

CT Bob said...

Sorry to be caustic, but there are so many anonymous trolls who comment here I start to see them all the same. If you want me to be nicer, maybe post a handle on your comments so I can sort of relate to you.

And though Joe claims to be pro-Choice, he vigorously campaigned for every one of Bush's ultra-conservative SC picks. So, I guess he can claim to have a 100% Choice voting record while actually sewing the seeds of a reversal.

Sorry, he's an enabler, and that makes him one of them.