Saturday, September 13, 2008


At a press conference with Jim Himes this afternoon, Speaker Nancy Pelosi discussed the race in the 4th CD. I'm processing the video right now, but here's a quickie of when I asked Madam Speaker a question about Chris Shays.

Notice how I manage to worm my name into the question (but would you expect anything less from Connecticut Bob?)

I'll have highlights of the entire press conference up later tonight, but I'm starving, and CT Joyce and I are going to walk to a Peruvian restaurant that just opened up around the corner from us. Check back later.


Ed McKeon said...

Nice job. Great question. And BTW, the self-promotion was not too gratuitous, and you got Pelosi to repeat your name.

Sellitman (Kevin) said...

Pelosi has been more harmful to this state, this district and this county by not allowing bush & cheney to be impeached.

That would have been my retort.

Good thing you didn't ask me along that day.


CT Bob said...

Thanks Ed. That's the second time she's said my name. Eventually if I'm redundant enough, she'll spot me and whisper to her aid, "Hey, there's that Connecticut Bob ass!"

THEN I'll know I've made the big time!

Sellitman, oh believe me, that was on my mind today. But we were there to cover the Himes-Shays contrasts, not to complain about Nancy's own "complicity" in allowing Bush to run wild these last 20 months.

Nothing will get that time back now, but putting Jim Himes in Congress will go a long way towards curtailing similar excesses in the future.