Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Jim Himes speaks against privatization

Social Security is a program that needs to be addressed and fixed sometime in the foreseeable future. Contrary to the Bush/McCain push to privatize a portion of it, Jim Himes believes we need to strengthen Social Security through sane legislation and better management.

We know why Bush and McCain both want to privatize it; some huge corporate entities will make ridiculous profits off the investments at the expense of risking people's retirements. Bush's economic policy for the last eight years has been a disaster. So there's no reason to believe that the guy who votes for Bush policies so often that he's called "Mister 90%" will do things any differently.

And Chris Shays is going along with them on the push for privatizing. Regardless of what he claims now. Remember how he promised during the last election to work on pulling troops out of Iraq by Christmas 2006? Same thing.

Jim Himes would certainly like people to vote FOR him this November, but I'm sure he'll accept the votes from people like the guy in the video who says he's "voting against Shays".

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Bob Symmes said...

Considering the train wreck Wall Street made of the economy, it is beyond belief that an essential program should be entrusted to this group of money-drunk frat boys.

At least frat boys have the campus police to restrain them.