Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Eating alone

Finally, Majority Leader Reid and Sen. Joe Lieberman have agreed that having Joe sit in on the Democratic caucus lunches was tantamount to having the fox watch the hen house.

So they decided to end their little charade of Joe sitting with the Dems and running back to McCain to report on his former friends. Now Lieberman is just a lonely little man, eating alone in a restaurant while everyone else is having a swell time working together.

I guess Joe never bothered to read THIS book! Of course, I think that success is something that will elude Joe after this November.


Anonymous said...

Poor Joe.
Those same people he just stabbed in the back were the same ones that did nothing to stop him from running as an independent, helping him retain his position.
He is an out of touch egomaniac.
Hopefully after this election we won't hear from him until his term is officially over, because his career has already expired.

CT Bob said...

Honestly, I think if McSame loses, Joe will make arrangements for Gov. Rell to appoint some suitably horrible Republican to fill his term, and he'll retire from the Senate to become a lobbyist for AIPAC.

Then, in 2010, we'll be voting for TWO senators; Dodd's term expires then, and the vacancy laws specify that an election must be held during the next general year.

Maybe we'll go back to TWO Democrats in the Senate.

Bob Symmes said...

Assuming Dodd doesn't get a Cabinet post....

CT Bob said...

No, Dodd's up for reelection anyway in 2010. Either way we'll be voting on his seat.