Sunday, September 14, 2008

"Reject Palin" rally draws 1400 in Alaska

When Sarah Palin arrived home from her Republican Love-In tour, she was greeted by maybe 1000 hardcore supporters, and then another 1400 women gathered in an "Alaska Women Reject Palin Rally".

Of course, if we used GOP crowd-counting math, it would have likely been described as "TENS of THOUSANDS of anti-Palin marchers rallied today!" Someone actually walked through the crowd with a counter and clicked once for each person there. Somehow, I don't think MaCain's people want that sort of truth to be verified.

It looks like Ms. 85% simply ISN'T as well-loved in her own home state as the GOP would like you to believe. Of course, you'll never hear them admit that.

But in a state as lightly populated as Alaska, even a crowd of 1400 is considered HUGE. In fact, in this excellent article from the Mudflats Blog, they claim that this anti-Palin rally was the BIGGEST political rally in Alaskan history!

Here's a video for you to enjoy. And Ms. Palin will have to remember that the media honeymoon is definitely over, and she'll have to EARN her friendly coverage from now on.

It might be too tall an order for an animal executioner like her. She prefers to take her shots from a safe distance. These days, she's gonna have to face her adversaries.

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