Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ayuh We Can!

This is a photo from last night, about sunset at Ocean Point near Boothbay Harbor. Maine is a very picturesque state, especially along the coast.

It was cool to see the amount of cars driving around with Obama bumper stickers on them. And we have a chance to take a Republican senate seat and defeat a Lieberman friend, Sen. Sue Collins, by supporting Democratic challenger Tom Allen. I know you probably are distracted by all the cool stuff happening in Denver right now, but don't forget to visit Tom Allen's website and maybe consider helping out with a donation or some of your time. Ned Lamont took some of his time to appear with Tom in Maine and he endorses him.

We need the seats in the senate, since after January when Joe's favorite butt-boy John Sidney McCain III loses by a landslide, he'll certainly abandon any pretense of caucusing with the Democrats altogether. We can use the seat.

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