Friday, October 08, 2010

Debicella open to closing sub base

Dan Debicella, the GOP/TeaBag challenger to Jim Himes's 4th CD seat, apparently has no qualms about voting to close the Groton sub base. The base is a huge employer in southeast Connecticut, and it's closing would bring about economic chaos to the region.

However, Dan seems to think that it's OK to close it if it'll save the government some money. He states in this video that the Eastern Seaboard only needs two sub bases, and Dan effectively says he won't fight the military commander's wishes if they want Groton shut down.

Yup, that's just what Connecticut needs; a Congressman who WON'T fight for us!

(Video courtesy CT Blogger)


Unknown said...

More Jobs or More Government?

Incumbent Congressman Jim Himes is for the same type of command-and-control policies that have consistently led to low growth and high structural unemployment in Eastern Europe in the twentieth century and in Western Europe today: his only problem with pork-barrel stimulus is that there has not been enough of it. His only concern with the healthcare bill is that it did not go far enough. He voted to adjourn congress without addressing January’s massive tax hikes.

The incumbent is for unlimited government. On his watch, he voted for a government that increased borrowing by a trillion dollars a year. His answer is always the same: more government. More taxes, more spending, more job-killing regulation.

Challenger Dan Debicella believes that there is a better way: he is for policies conducive to economic growth such as replacing the pork-barrel stimulus with a payroll tax cut. He opposes all tax increases and intrusive regulation that stifles job creation.

Dan is for a constitutional, limited government. He would cap the size of the federal government at 20% of our gross domestic product. He would force politicians to make trade-offs between competing priorities instead of always growing the size government. He would reduce the number of government employees.

If Dan Debicella shares your beliefs and you want to help him advance those beliefs in congress, then you can do so here: . Both sides should be able to agree that your choice is clear and it is important. What kind of country do we want to live in? Do we want to continue down the current direction or do we think that there is a better way?

CT Bob said...

That's all well and good if you don't live in SE Connecticut. Because, regardless of all your (largely inaccurate) rhetoric, the entire region will become an economic dead zone if Dan has his way.

The reality of actual people with actual jobs riding on this election doesn't seem to make much of an impression upon you. I'm guessing you don't reside in the Groton/New London area, do you?

oldswede said...

Chris' post there sure looks like a candidate handout. Fill-in-the-blanks form cut and pasted from the NRCC, no doubt.
There is so much outside money being pumped into the Gopper campaigns that there will be concern trolls and sock puppets everywhere.
Linda can afford to hire her own and it looks to me like she has at least a platoon of them working the internet.

Anonymous said...

Debicella will throw Groton under the sub base just like he'll throw middle-class families to the dogs if elected. He only votes for special interests and big corporations. Himes has been an independent voice and has always voted for Fairfield County families. He has earned my vote for another term.

Anonymous said...

This is absurd. Clearly he has never even entered the South Eastern Part of CT beyond Stonington and Mystic because if this subbase leaves we will watch the demise of an entire region. We would watch the unemployment rise. The fact that this man has even been able to get this far is absurd. He needs to fire his speech writer or who ever told him that as a good idea. Sure close a subbase to save money, but do not encourage the closing of one in your own state.