Saturday, October 16, 2010

Linda McMahon is running scared

As I pointed out in a post several days ago, Wrestling Promoter Linda McMayhem has been dodging reporters since her disastrous off-the-cuff remarks about the minimum wage.

In case you haven't heard, she said she's open to cutting it.

Mark Pazniokas and Deirdre Shesgreen (No she's not! El-Oh-El! I bet she never heard that one before!) of the CT Mirror picked up on this story yesterday.
Press access to Republican Linda McMahon tightened Friday as her Senate campaign ended formal media interviews and continued its policy of limiting information about her campaign schedule.
Wow. Just wow.

I think that's the sort of strategy someone who really isn't sure of herself might take. Compare that to Sen. Lieberman, who would have walked over his mother in the closing weeks of the 2006 campaign to get to a microphone. How does a candidate in this modern era of immediate media access think it's a good idea to shut them out in the critical remaining days of a campaign?

I'll tell you who. Someone who's not entirely sure of her values or beliefs. Someone who doesn't have a good command of the important issues. Someone who's likely to be lost and ineffective if elected.

Is this the way a winner behaves?

Is this how a senator should act?

Funny how someone who was never shy about play-acting in front of thousands of slack-jawed yokels at her stupid wrestling events suddenly finds herself tongue-tied.

But maybe it's because she's already said too much:
McMahon has had some rocky press conferences, which by nature are unpredictable events. Her failure to clearly answer questions about whether she would freeze, cut or eliminate the minimum wage generated a frenzy of bad press.

Another general press availability about an earlier poll turned into a extended back-and-forth on her approach to extending the Bush-era tax cuts. She said she was for an all-or-nothing approach, extending the cuts for everyone or no one.

She since has refused to say how she would vote on a bill that only extended the cuts for all but the richest two percent of taxpayers.
Yeah, she's obviously the sort of senator we don't need speaking for us.

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Anonymous said...

All MuscleheadedarrogantDeepPocket opporunists like LINDA want to do is hide from scrutiny and lie about her past lives as a WWF Bloodlust captain and how she would cut the minimum wage and pad the pockets of all her GOPee co-horts. What she could do is stop sending her junk mail to all the Dems who AREN'T going to vote for her.