Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tweets from the Rally To Restore Sanity

Connecticut's own Saramerica is live tweeting from the Rally To Restore Sanity at our nation's capitol today.

Sarah (@realsaramerica), who is the victim of Dan Thieficella's blatant thievery (see previous post) is already on one of the 190 busses (buses? I never get that word right, it looks like it should rhyme with "fuses") that left from Citi Field earlier this morning. You can follow her on Twitter at Sarah has already sent quite a few tweets, and she'll likely have a lot of witty observations today. And photos.

UPDATE: More photos and stuff on Sarah's Facebook Page!

And lastly, because it's the right thing to do:

(the photo above is Copyright (c) 2010 Sarah Littman)


oldswede said...

Hi Bob,
[The Saramerica link doesn't work for me.]
In these final days, Connecticut gets visits by both a sitting and a former US President.
What to the Repubs get? Rudi G, 9-11!
Can serial philanderer, disgraced former House Speaker, Newt Gingrich be far behind?
Where are the Rs distinguished statesmen?

CT Bob said...

Thanks, I fixed the link. Had to remove the "!#" that Twitter put in my link.

There ARE no Republican distinguished statesmen.