Sunday, October 31, 2010

A tale of two rallies

There were two political rallies held on Saturday. There was a slight difference between the enthusiasm factor of the two.

First, we have senate candidate Linda McMahon's lackluster gathering of dozens of her supporters in Danbury:

Then, we have President Obama's "Moving America Forward" rally in Bridgeport, with Jim Himes, Dan Malloy, Dick Blumenthal, and Mayor Bill Finch:

Enthusiasm gap? Yeah, maybe.

(photo credits Alfonso Robinson and Gabe Rosenberg)


ccdemuth said...
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CT Bob said...

ccdemuth has lost his posting privileges due to excessive copy & paste commenting.

...and for being a weenus.

Gabe said...

Forget ccdemuth! I got a photo credit! And on my camera phone! Best Day Ever!

Headless Horseman said...

Funny thing is Bob... of the two rallies, McMahon's has more likely voters.

Did anyone explain to the Moving America Forward folks why they still have to worry about their mortgage and put gas in their cars after two years?

CT Bob said...

I doubt the accuracy of your statement about likely voters. Maybe the percentage of likely voters might be larger for Linda's intimate gathering. But the sheer numbers involved mean there are way more people who showed up for Obama who will vote than every single one of the few scores of personally invited attendees at Linda's depressingly small rally.

Of all the contested races this year, I'm least worried about is the senate seat.

And that was in Danbury! The Lt. Gov candidate's hometown, and he couldn't drag in more than a handful of party faithful.

Today will definitely be decided by GOTV. I'm seeing numbers already that compares to 2008. If this continues, we might be able to hold on to more seats than the consensus says.