Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Krayeske ad published today

Ken Krayeske, the Green Party candidate for Congress in the 1st CD (John Larson's district) has released a web ad today. Here it is:

I like Ken. He's a good guy.

While he doesn't stand a snowflake's chance in Hell of winning this election, his candidacy allows him to act as the conscience of the process. He's sort of like a "Jiminy Cricket" of the political arena.

The web video was funny, especially the part where Jim Calhoun (who's an outstanding basketball coach, but a rather odious fellow in real life) asks Ken "You're not really that stupid, are ya?" and Ken immediately responds "Yeah, I am!"

Normally I'd applaud such naked honesty from a politician; but in Ken's case it simply isn't true. He's actually a fairly bright guy.

And I think he'd make a good leader, if he'd just quit acting as a modern day Don Quixote tilting at windmills like the Democratic Party, and simply JOIN IT and try to make it better!

But maybe guys like Ken who aren't at all afraid to speak their minds wouldn't fit well into our admittedly flawed party (now before you go getting yourself in a snit over that, just know that the GOP is magnitudes more flawed than the Democrats will ever be!)

The fact is, Ken Krayeske won't win this election.

But he will be heard.

Visit kenkrayeske.com to hear more.


Anonymous said...

The Democratic party needs a re-awakening. They need a break off similar to what the Republicans and Teabaggers have accomplished.

I can't stand the current Democratic leadership. They're all spineless including our commander and chief.

Perhaps what this country needs is a four party system instead of a 2 party system with a wolf in sheep's clothing clowning around as if it is a separate party.

Guys like Ken Krayeske are anti-corporatist and shouldn't sell out to the current democratic-anti-progressive rhetoric.


Headless Horseman said...

Well, I'll say that I agree that the Democratic Party is flawed. It has been ever since the 1972 Democratic National Convention adopted the McGovern-Fraser Commission's changes on delegate appointment virtually guaranteeing that far-left delegates would dominate, and far-left candidates would be farted out of the convention.
Look at the candidates your party used to have... Humphrey, Kennedy, Truman...
Look at what they had afterward... McGovern, Carter, Mondale, Clinton, Kerry... OBAMA.

Hey, I could get wound up on the problems with the GOP but I'll bet you and I think different things are the problem in that party.

Anyhow,to the point... don't get frustrated with Ken. He's hilarious! And I love the ad and I think Calhoun is a swollen anus. Don't cheapen Ken by trying to assimilate him into the Democratic Borg.

CT Bob said...

It always amazes me how you conservatives say that Obama is a far-left Democrat.

Dennis Kucinich is a far-left Democrat. Barack Obama is a conservative Democrat, not far removed from the most centrist figures in both parties. Why you guys never seem to get that right, I'll never know.

I'm not frustrated with Ken at all. I think my post was spot-on and described both his political reality and the content of his character. He's a unique guy and he possesses similar views to me, even if we have different ways of going about things.

Art said...

A vote for Ken Krayeske is a vote for Ken Keynesian.

CT Bob said...

Interesting notion.