Thursday, October 07, 2010

Linda McMayhem in Milford on Saturday


Teabag Senate hopeful Linda McMahon (sorry about that "McMayhem" gag, but I guess the many dozens of wrestlers who died very young from unnatural causes is just a coincidence!) and Massachusetts Teabag Sen. Scott Brown are holding a Teabag-style rally right here in my beloved home town of Milford this weekend.

I'm not very happy that extremist conservatives are going to invade my peaceful little neck o' the woods, but I understand they have every right to do so. They'll be at Milford City Hall sometime right after noon. Apparently busloads of racist bigot teabaggers are being hauled in from upstate moron depositories.

They have a right to assemble. Just as loyal Democrats have a right to show up and state their opinions in a legal and respectful manner.

But do we really need to shut down a street for the two biggest GOP hacks this side of Sarah Palin's unfulfilled governor's term?
Re: Political Rally on at the Park in front of City Hall.

Good Afternoon,

Mayor Richetelli has asked me to advise you that, as a result of some suggestions we received, the Milford Police Department and the sponsors of the event Saturday have altered plans for the day.

Please be advised that all of River Street will remain open to vehicular and pedestrian traffic this Saturday, October 9th.

Also, all of Darina Place and all other areas of Downtown Milford will remain open Saturday, with the exception of a short section of West River Street between the Parsons Government Center, the courthouse and City Hall from approximately 2 until 3:15 p.m.

The Mayor encourages and urges all downtown business owners to capitalize on the economic opportunity created by the many people who will be visiting Milford Saturday from other areas of the State.
Gee, it'll be good to see the teabaggers useful for something other than parroting FoxNews talking points and screaming obscenities at people playing "God Bless America" through a sound system. Come and spend money locally, and maybe help make up for the millions in taxes that Linda McMahon isn't contributing as a result of George Bush's insane tax givebacks.

Anyway, come and enjoy the spectacle of a few Republican bozos making asses of themselves. Afterward, join me for a brewski at the "7 Seas", 16 New Haven Ave.

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Anonymous said...

"The Mayor encourages and urges all downtown business owners to capitalize on the economic opportunity . . ."

Scott Brown is all about Stimulus. He was one of the few Republicans in the Senate to vote for it. Unfortunately, he didn't vote for health care reform - so called Obama Care. However he did vote for health care reform when he was a State Senator - so called Romney Care. I hear he said "we got ours, screw you America."