Friday, October 15, 2010

Malloy expands lead in Q-Poll

Because Quinnipiac tries to get as much publicity for their polls as possible, today they released the Governor's race numbers. Of course, yesterday they posted the Senate race poll. In case you're wondering, it's obviously the same poll. Both polls contain this exact disclaimer:
"From October 7 - 11, Quinnipiac University surveyed 1,119 Connecticut likely voters with a margin of error of +/- 2.9 percentage points."
OK, whatever. It's just an observation. Anything that gets Doug Schwartz in front of the cameras yet again is just fine with me.

(...and it also gave me an excuse to write an easy blog post for the second day in a row. So, thanks Doug!)

In this latest poll, former Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy has increased his lead with likely voters over his Republican rival Tom Foley to 7 points, 49-42 percent.

Unaffiliated voters appear to still favor Foley by a slim margin, and with 9% undecided, this segment of the voting population may have a big impact on the results.

And there's always a question they didn't ask:
"Are all the negative campaign ads annoying the shit outta you?"
Hey, I just got a brilliant idea! If that Drudge-lite doofus over at Capitol Report can commission his own poll, there's no reason why I can't initiate one of my own!

Introducing "The Connecticut Bob Poll"!

I'll ask all those questions that nobody has the balls to ask! How much does one of those bogus robocall polls cost, anyway? Isn't there some kind of software that allows your PC to VOIP call a list of voter's numbers? There must be.

The Connecticut Bob Poll! Oh boy, this is gonna be great!

Disclaimer: All of the above is pure nonsense. I'm much too lazy and distracted to go through all that work just to ask a few shocking and probably offensive questions of total strangers. But in my opinion, Dudchik is still a doofus.


Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Take the Q Poll seriously at your own risk.

They're rated 2nd to last in reliability.

Pollster Ratings

CT Bob said...

Believe me, after August, I take whatever the Q-Poll says with a grain of salt.

But there ain't enough salt in the sea for me to believe anything that comes from the guy who runs Capitol Report.