Friday, October 29, 2010

Last minute ploy by Martha Dean = FAIL!

The pathetic attempt by Republican Party Hack Chris Healy to throw a wrench in the works has failed miserably. He didn't have the guts to pull the trigger himself, so he had his sacrificial candidate Martha Dean do it.

A lawsuit brought by AG candidate and psycho gun-nut Martha Dean challenging George Jepsen's law credentials has been shelved by the court. From a campaign press release:
Clearly desperate and behind in the polls, Dean’s lawsuit against George is an attempt to discredit him and delay the Attorney General election.

However, after hearing oral arguments this morning, the court held that it was “unlikely” that they would make any ruling on the motions prior to the election, clearing the way for this election to be decided by you, the voters.

Dean’s suit is a desperate political attack and George has repeatedly offered his extensive legal credentials; which includes over 26 years of representing clients from probate and Superior Courts to the Connecticut Supreme Court.

With less than 100 hours until the election, we need your help to elect an Attorney General who will represent us and not file frivolous political attacks!

By volunteering for your local Democratic Town Committee’s phone-bank, or participating in canvassing efforts, you can ensure that George Jepsen and the entire Democratic team will win this election.

Vote for Row B on Election Day!
Martha Dean is the lovely little whacko who thinks putting firearms in the hands of young children is a darned good idea! Madness!

Hey Chris Healy, don't feel bad. Just to show there's no hard feelings, after the election I'll buy you a vat of Guinness so you can drown your sorrows!

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