Thursday, October 28, 2010

See President Obama and Bill Clinton this weekend

It's an exciting final week of the 2010 election season, and what a great way to finish it up!

On Saturday, President Barack Obama will be in Bridgeport at the Harbor Yard Arena to support Jim Himes in the 4th CD. This is an afternoon event, details are HERE.

Then on Sunday, President Bill Clinton will be in Connecticut for two events. First, he'll appear in West Hartford at 6PM to campaign for Dan Malloy for Governor (details HERE), and then he'll be at a rally for Jim Himes in South Norwalk at 8:30 (details HERE).

Come out and show your support for our candidates, and also to witness an historic occasion when two presidents visit our state. More details will be posted as they become available.


Anonymous said...

Why are they campaigning for Himes and not Murphy.

CT Bob said...

I don't know, but my guess is that Murphy is in slightly better shape than Himes. Of course, this year everyone needs all the help they can get.

ccdemuth said...

Unemployment is up. Growth is down. Deficits are at a record. What has gone wrong in Washington?

Congressman Jim Himes voted for the stimulus bill, but he does not think that it went far enough. He admits that he would vote for pork barrel stimulus spending again if we give him the chance.

Jim Himes voted for the healthcare takeover, but he wants to go further. His only regret is that he had to act incrementally while the voters are watching.

November 2nd, 2010 will be a referendum on the Himes record. If you think that there is a better way, you can do something about it here:

CT Bob said...

Do you really think that anyone who reads this blog is going to buy your particular brand of bullshit?

Anonymous said...

ccde writes on every democrat blog!!! Im getting tired of his copy and paste bs. I will be at Harbor yard i cant wait!!!!!! Go himes we need a big turnout in bpt if we are to win!!!