Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stolen sign update

OK, so today I stopped by our campaign HQ to pick up a couple replacement signs.

Tragically, they were completely out of Blumenthal signs, which I hope is a good thing, meaning they put up so many signs all over town they ran out; rather than, they only had a few hundred signs to start with. I didn't have time to ask which it was.

God knows, there's certainly no shortage of Linda signs out there, but that's what fifty million gets you.

I did notice on my way down to HQ there was a very selfish house with TWO Blummy signs in front of it! Probably home to a hoarder of epic proportions. Someone call A&E and have them visit these people!

So I picked up another Jepsen sign and a Denise Merrill sign.

When I got home, I found our hardworking DTC members had ALREADY put up a Judge Beverly sign in one of the empty spaces ("Judge Beverly" is our popular Probate Judge Beverly Streit-Kefalas). Our DTC members are nothing if not vigilant!

I was able to squeeze Merrill's sign into my very small front yard. I didn't see a Denise Nappier sign at the HQ, but she's a favorite anyway so I'm not too worried.

If those little brats keep messing with my signs, I'm gonna borrow my neighbor's rottweiler and chain him to our Japanese Maple. THEN we'll see if any signs disappear!

(note: I don't want to have to clean up rottweiler poop, so I'm not gonna do this)

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