Friday, October 06, 2006

Brigadier General John H. Johns, Thank You!

I had the privilege to attend a speech by Brigadier General John H Johns in Hartford last evening. Spazeboy videotaped the whole evening's program (since it was Bob's last sailing night)and we got a knockout interview with this true American patriot who speaks so eloquently about the damage done to the country and our precious servicemen and women with this outrageous mess in Iraq. This is the new backdrop for Connecticut's future -- we all thought it was terrific. It was standing room only at this very successful fundraiser for Ned.

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Travis Sharp said...

Thanks to you guys and Spazeboy for the coverage! A transcript of Gen. Johns' remarks on Iraq can be found on my blog here. I have the entire transcript as well so if you'd like it just let me know.

Thanks again!